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Mahashivratri~महाशिवरात्रि - When and How to do Maha Shivaratri Pooja At Home
  • Keep fasting or do Phalaahar and in the evening around 8 PM take ritual bath, using warm water and seeds of black sesame. It is a popular belief that by bathing in warm water, with few seeds of black sesame, the body is purified. 
  • Wear new clothes.
  • Sit on Aasan or woolen blanket
  • Purify yourself and around you with Mantra and water.
  • Smear bhasma (holy ash) on forehead. 
  • Wear purified Rudraksha Mala.
  • Lit Deepak, Dhoop and Incense sticks.
  • Do Abhishek of Shivalinga with milk, yoghurt, honey, ghee, sugar and water. These six items are necessary for abhishek on  Shivaratri.
  • Offer Aaka Flower Garland.
  • Offer Flower like Dhatura, Aaka etc.
  • Thereafter, while making sound from Bell,  offer Bilwa leaves to Lord Shiva (or Linga) and chant mantra with great devotion for at least 108 times - 'Om Namah Shivaya'.  11 Mala (i.e. 11 x 108 = 1188 times) Chanting is also recommendable.
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Puja Items: Requirements for Shivratri Puja
When and How to do Maha Shivaratri Pooja At Home
» Puja Items: Requirements for Shivratri Puja
» When and How to do Maha Shivaratri Pooja At Home
» Festival Calender of 2013
» Festival Calender of 2014
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