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The Institution was founded in 1936 in Karachi by Brahma Baba. Inspired by a series of revelations, Brahma Baba dedicated the remaining 33 years of his life to bringing into reality his vision of people of all cultural, economic and religious backgrounds coming together to rediscover and develop the spiritual dimension of their lives.

In 1951 its world headquarters moved to Mount Abu in Rajasthan, India, where it remains to this day. In 1969 Brahma Baba passed away, aged 93, passing the mantle of leadership to Dadi Prakashmaniji as the Administrative Head of the organisation world-wide. Dadi Prakashmaniji left her body on 25th August 2007. Dadi Janakiji succeded her as administrative Head, and subsequently Dadi Hridayamohiniji as Additional Administative Head, followed by Dadi Ratanmohiniji as Joint Administative Head.

As an international institution with around 8500 branches in over 132 countries, the Brahma Kumaris offer people of all backgrounds an opportunity to learn meditation and deepen their understanding of universal principles and innate values through a variety of educational programmes, courses and learning resources.

As a world-wide family of individuals from all walks of life, the Institution provides a caring, co-operative and supportive environment which encourages individuals to bring out the best in themselves.

As a global organisation which co-ordinates international and community projects, the Institution has created opportunities for people in 130 countries to participate in a variety of initiatives aimed at creating world where people live in peace and harmony.

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