Meena Sankranti

Meena Sankranti
This year's Meena Sankranti

Sunday, 14 Mar - 2021

Meena Sankranti in the Year 2021 will be Celebrated on Sunday 14th March 2021.

Meena Sankranti marks the beginning of the twelfth and last month in Hindu Solar Calendar. All twelve Sankrantis in the year are highly auspicious for Dan-Punya activities. Only certain time duration before or after each Sankranti moment is considered auspicious for Sankranti related activities.

For Meena Sankranti, sixteen Ghatis after the Sankranti moment are considered Shubh or auspicious and the time window from Sankranti to sixteen Ghati after Sankranti is taken for all Dan-Punya activities.

During Meena Sankranti donating land is considered highly auspicious. In South India Sankranti is called Sankramanam. Meena Sankranti is also spelled as Mina Sankranti.

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