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Kajali Teej~कजली तीज - Kajli Teej Puja Samagri And Vidhi

Puja Samagri :

Kumkum (Vermilion), Kajal (Kohl), Mehndi(Henna), Moli (Red Thread), Agarbatti (Incense

Sticks), Dipak, MatchBox, Rice,Small pot of Water (Lauta), Fruits, Neem

Branch, Milk, Odhini, Sattu, Ghee, Teej Vrat Katha Book, Teej Geet (Songs) Book and Some



Puja Vidhi :

1. First collect some fine sand and make a pond of it as shown in the picture. It should be made properly so that water does not leak out from it. Then tie all the neem stemstogether neatly and fix it in the middle edge of the pond as shown in the picture.

2. And then put red odhini on top of the neem stem.

3. Then place Ganeshji n Laxmiji’s Idol near it. As you know, every puja is incomplete without them.

4. Now, first make Swastik  on the small pot of water (lauta) which is to be used for puja. Tie moli

or a red thread around it. Then stick some rice on the Swastik and some Gur and Sattu also. 

And then in the same manner make Swastik where the puja is to be done. Place moli, rice, gur, sattu and a coin on it.

5. Now first of all do puja of Ganeshji and Laxmiji. Mark their forehead with kumkum and rice.

Offer them moli, sattu, gur, fruits and coins.

6. And then in the same way do Teej puja or Neem puja. Then offer Sattu to Teej Mata. 

Pour some milk and water in the pond. 

7. Then the married women have to give seven round dots of kumkum, mehndi and kajol each near the pond. 
 And then unmarried girls have to give sixteen dots in the same manner explained above. 

8. Then they lit Agarbatti and Dipak to begin their Vrat Katha. After completing the Vrat Katha

women need to see reflection of all the things (sattu, fruits, coins and odhini ) which are offered

to teej mata in the pond. They also see Dipak and their jewelries in it.

9. After reading the Vrat Katha and singing the Teej songs they all bow down to Teej Mata to pray

and to get blessings from her. And then they Stand up and walk gently (Give Pheri) around the Teej

Mata three times.

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