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Bagalamukhi Jayanti~बगलामुखी जयंती

Goddess Bhagalamukhi, also spelt as Bagalamukhi Mata or Pitambara Devi, is one of the Dasa Mahavidya or Mahavidya Goddesses. Bagalamukhi Jayanti or Bhagalamukhi Jayanthi is observed on Vaisakh Shukla Astami or the eighth day in bright half of Vaisakh month. This is also called as a Pitambara Jayanti. Literally, Bagalamukhi means the Goddess whose face has the power of capturing the mind and thus controlling individuals. Goddess Bagalamukhi Devi has golden complexion and the favorite colour of the Goddess is yellow. It is said that Offering of Puja Devi Bagalamukhi acts like a weapon to stop your enemy from doing harm against you. It is also believed that by offering Puja to Ma Bagalamukhi somebody can get a relief from legal problems; he/she can get rid of being the victim of an adverse incident; can avoid the possibility of accidents, blood shed and even an anticipated unnatural Death. It is believed that to win over enemies. Here You may find 600 years ols Bagalamukhi Temple.

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