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Radhakrishna Maharaj Biography

The Indian Soil, prosperous as it is with the footmarks of God’s beloved, is universally worshipped and acclaimed. One of the biggest states on this pious soil is ‘Rajasthan’, made famous for its valour and religious culture around the world. The soil, which had “Meerabai”, the immense devotee of  Lord Krishna, had the privilege of  having Maharaj Shri, at Jodhpur in Vikram Samvat 2039 (the year 1982) on the auspicious day of  Sharad Purnima (Full Moon) as a son born in the Aadi Gaur Brahmin family to the privileged father Shriman Harikishanji and mother Smt. Manjulataji. Maharaj Shri on birth was christened with the name “Radhakrishna”.

Since the family has a religious background, the childhood of Maharaj Shri was spent in a religion filled atmosphere in the company of his grandparents besides others.This strengthened his love for God. Maharaj Shri considered Shri Vallabhacharyaji as his guru and was initiated in Pushtimay. Blessed by parents and inspired by his devotion to God, Maharaj Shri started propagating his feelings of love through Shri Bhagwat Katha.

Inspired by the saints and supported by the people in general, he has been carrying on with the job of caring for and protecting and sheltering cows and spreading the name of God.The organisation of ‘Nani Bai Ko Mayro’ is a part of the chain        he has woven for this purpose.

Respected Maharaj Shri is also an active worker at “Goudham Pathmera” (Saanchaur Jalaur). Drawing the inspiration from the patron of this Goudhan Gaurithi Shri Dattsharnanandji, the contributions made by the devotees in the Bhagwat Kathas organised by Respected Maharaj Shri are being utilised for drought stricken and uncared for cows. Maharaj Shri is vigorously working towards reinstallation of moral values and principles in the youth and the revival of joint family system. In order to spread the love towards God and with the intent of welfare of the people he is continuously organising tours and morning kirtans to awaken and purify the thoughts.
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