Collection of Mobile Apps

"Who share knowledge of God is beloved of God"


People do distribute various spiritual books as a remedy and to improve karma factor, here you can do it for free. Please share these apps.

Krishna Bhajans

Collection of blissful Krishna Bhajans play in background. Playing Krishna Bhajans provide peace and grace of Lord Krishna.

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Gayatri Mantra Jaap

Playing Gayatri Mantra Jaap provides positive energy and abolish negative energies.

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Mahamritunjay Mantra Jaap

Playing Mahamritunjay Mantra Jaap provides good health and protection from evil.

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Ram Prashnawali

Use Ram Prashnawali to get answers to questions in which devotee is eager or confused like Shall I apply for this job? Shall I take this assignment etc.

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Hanuman Prashnawali

Hanuman Prashnawali help devotee to get answer of the questions in which devine guidance is required

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Sai Prashnawali

When you are in puzzle and not able to take decision or are curious about any question, Ask question to Sai Baba using Sai Prashnawali. Before asking question pray to Sai Baba and ask.

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Maa Durga Bhajans

Collection of blissful Maa Durga Bhajans, play in background. Playing Maa Durga Bhajans provide abolish negative energies and keep evil away.

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The purpose of Numerology is to give your life a direction and imbibe in you clarity of thought about what is your purpose in life and what exactly you can achieve out of your life. Provide your name and date of birth, then submit to get full information.

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Birthday Forecast

Based on Day of your birth or month of birth - know characterstics and other information.

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