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|| Shani Amavasya puja ||

Shani Amavasya Puja is dedicated to Lord Shani or Saturn. Shani Amavasya is the Amavasya that falls on Saturday. Hindu communities generally consider Amavasya an inauspicious day and a Shani Amavasya even more inauspicious. But some Hindu communities who follow the solar calendar consider the Amavasya to be auspicious. They also worship Lord Shani on this day. Abhishek and Shani Shanti Yagya are performed on this day. Persons having Shani Dosh, Mahadasha and Sadesati are especially recommended to celebrate this festival and perform Shani Amayasya Puja. Lord Shani is also called as Sanaischarya, Shanishwara and Chaya Putra.  


On Shani Amavasya a person can offer Shani Jaaps in any of the shani temple. Lord Shani has a behavior of getting angry very soon. However the best part is that he has a forgiving nature as well. So you are just required to worship him with full devotion.

Now let’s talk about how to remove shani dosh, first of all after taking bath you should offer prayer with complete devotion to please Shani Dev. While offering prayers you must keep in mind to offer water in peepal tree. You should pray before sunrise as this time is considered as the best time to worship him. After the proper pooja, you can offer different types of jaaps to remove pitra dosh,sahe-sati and so on. This is the best chance to please shani mahadev and dispose of dosh.

Shani dev helps those people who offer prayers with full devotion and without any immorality. Shani dev don’t like the slaughter of animals. The only way to please him is by offering prayers without any sham. Shani mahadev will accept your worship and he is going to solve your all problems.

Aarti :
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