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Maa Santoshi

Maa Santoshi

Maa Santoshi
Maa Santoshi is an emblem of love, contentment, forgiveness, happiness and hope. It is so believed that fasting and praying for her for 16 consecutive Fridays brings peace and prosperity in ones family. 

Santoshi Maa inspires an individual to cherish family values and to come out of the crisis with one's determination. Santoshi Maa is also considered to be an incarnation of Mother Durga and is widely worshipped through out India and by Indians residing outside India.
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"jai santoshi mata... i believe mata santoshi, bcz when i am 12 old my family deep in financial prob and my mam take mata santoshi & mahalaxmi vratham every year 11 weeks and really to say both matas through out us from financial prob, know i am 26 yrs old i got a car and good home, we r good inspire to who not believe in mata santoshi. jai mata santoshi "
Posted By:  sai varma
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