Anuradha Nakshatra Characteristics

The Nakshatra Anizham consists of the stars Beta, Delta, and Pi Scorpionis. These three stars are visible in the night sky and they appear in a straight lane above the bright red star, Antares. The ruling deity Mithran bestows the ability to develop and sustain friendships. Anizham is a star related to success and can produce fame and recognition, especially through collaboration. This star uses both intuition and logic to produce a remarkable understanding of numbers. Travel and success in foreign lands are also supported by this star. People born under Anizham promote cooperation among humanity and are capable of leading and organizing large groups. They must, however, monitor their level of frustration and melancholy. Similar to Lotus flower, Anizham has the persistence and ability to blossom in the midst of difficulty.

You face more problems in life compared to other men. You must be ready to work hard to fulfill the responsibilities you have undertaken. Often you may feel that the results you get are not proportional to the efforts made. Unwise thought and action may cause you much trouble. You do not receive much help from your father. You are advised to refrain from arguments, unhealthy competitions, drinking and undesirable adventures. As a man, you tend to go out of the way to seek pleasure and this could have damaging effects. You are not that keen on presenting a fancy external image to world. You appeal to woman with strong emotions. Despite the turbulence of your pre-matrimonial existence, you will enjoy a calm and happy life with your family. Your relatives will enjoy and appreciate your company.
As a young girl you have a fascination for everything new and fanciful. You are lucky with vehicles and enjoy travel. You will probably move far away from your place of birth. Men appreciate many of your qualities. They are fascinated by your nature and by your quick wit. You should try and engage in some kind of routine. Although you may not mass much money, you will be socially well-renowned. You will be exposed to a variety of environments and situations. You may have a serious face and manner. Very simple thing can upset you try to maintain a cheerful outlook and take care f your health since you will be prone to infections. You have the ability to concentrate your efforts on setting and achieving your goals, regardless of the final outcome. If you bear a grudge, you will wait for the opportunity to take revenge. Your relationships with men are not long-lasting. Your patience is minimal.
Famous Anizhams: Marthanda Varma, Kevin Costner, Stave Allen, Alex Haley, Gerard Depardieu, Oommen Chandy
Favorable activities:
Marriage, travel, immigration, healing, meditation, financial tasks, exploration, relating and socializing with friends
The lord of the birth sign Vrischikam (Scorpio) is Mars. Therefore situations may arise which demand sharpness and enthusiasm in character. Spare a thought to the effect of your independent nature of the life of others. Your ability to tackle opposition will receive acknowledgement only after considerable amount of time.
Avoid transactions and auspicious functions in the unfavorable stars of Moolam, Uthradam, Avittam, Makayiram (Mithunam sign-Gemini), Thiruvathira and Punartham.
You must practice restraining your words during the unfavorable Dasa periods, especially on the hostile stars. Try to stay away from unnecessary tussles. It is best not to interfere in other’s matters During this period.
Praying regularly to lord Shiva, Lord Ayyappa (Sastha), and Hanuman, particularly during the hostile Dasa period, is considered to be beneficial. For better results, visit the temples on the birth stars of Anizham and on the associated stars of Uthrattathi and Pooyam.
Pray daily to the lord of the star Saturn, to get Good results. Besides, it is best to skip rice meal once on Saturdays.
Besides, measures to please the lord of the sign Mars will bear fruit. Selecting and wearing back, dark blue and red dresses will appease both the lord of the star and Rasi.
Mithran is the lord of the Anizham star. Chant any of the following Mantras to appease Mithran, one of the Adityans mentioned in the Rig Veda, and receive good prospects.
“Om namo mitthrasya vrunasya chakshase
Mahaadevaaya thadhritham sacharyatham dooradhrmshe
Devajaathaaya kethave dhivasputhraaya
Suryaya samasatha”
“Om mithraaya namaha”
Besides, nurturing plants, animals and birds is considered highly auspicious. Especially, avoid harming Deer, the animal of Anizham star and being instrumental in their extinction. Try to plant and grow Elangi, the official tree of Anizham. Do not harm crow, the official bird of Anizham and if possible feed them. The element of Vishakham is Fire.
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