Chitra Nakshatra Characteristics

Chitra is represented by a single star Known as Spica (Alpha-Virginis) in the constellation of Virgo. It is one of the brightest stars in the sky. The name Chitra translates as “brilliant”. In the astrology chart, Chitra bridges the signs of Virgo and Libra. The ruling deity of this star is Vishvakarma, the celestial architect, who bestow the ability to create new things out of nothing. Those born under this star are fascinated by form, beauty, art, and structure. Chitra gives the ability to attract the opposite sex, especially the padas within Libra. This star seeks harmony and perfection, but imbalance often leads to indulgence or fanatical behavior. People born under Chitra attempt to appear orderly on the surface. Yet underneath they may be disheveled or frustrated. This star can bring doubt or uncertainty, but also give flashes of inspiration and remarkable perception.

You are a man capable of facing any type of problem with courage. Due to your special skills and abilities, it is not surprising that you are a bit head-strong. Although you may appear accommodating you do not believe in or rely on the advice or opinions of any one, including your spouse. This may be a cause for enmity and opposition within and without the home . However those you love must understand that you would do anything for them. Your wife may not be able to understand the depth of your concern for her. You tend to be too independent and since this could be deceptive, you are urged to cultivate this spirit of interdependence.
You enjoy dressing well and looking good. You have a pleasant smile and appearance. You are enthusiastic and hard-working. You have a good head for legal matter. You will be separated from your family early in life .you will be a self made woman and proud of that. Do not let your need for acclaim and commendation lead you to find love in the wrong place. Remember that it is much more valuable to be appreciated rather than praised. You have a fiery temper and this could cause conflict in relationship and in marriage. CHITHRA- bones are generally bold and capable of withstanding any obstacle or problem with courage. You apply your own values to other. You are attached to your mother. You may have the knack to predict or intuit the future. Your ability will surprise people. You have very accurate intuitions. You will have to face some enemies and obstacles. Take special care to cherish your life partner
Famous Chitras: George Bush, Richard Chamberlain, Wilt Chamberlain, Dwight Eisenhower, Marie Antoinette, Sidney Poitier
Favorable Activities:
Health care, buying new clothes, Home repairs, Home design, arts and crafts, mechanical activities, performances, decorations, spiritual practices, Relating to opposite sex, preparing medicines.
Unfavorable activities:
Marriage, Investigation, or direct confrontation.
Avoid transactions and auspicious functions in vishakam, Trikketta, Pooradam, Aswathy, Bharani, Karthika, Rohini and Makayiram.
Keep off from harming Leopard, the animal of Chitra star
Take care not to cut the Koovalam or its branches the official tree and harm crow, the official bird of Chitra.
Worshipping the Lord of Fire
Chant “Om Vishvakarmane Namaha”
Feed the Crows
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