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Pitr Paksha~Shradh~श्राद्ध पर्व - Avidhva navami

The ninth day (navami) of the dark fortnight of the Hindu month of Bhadrapad is referred to as avidhva navami. On this day, the rite for the departed (shradha) is performed for one’s mother or any other woman in the family, who did not die a widow. 

It is customary to offer a meal to a Hindu priest (brahmin) as well as a married woman (suvasini) on such an occasion.

In these rituals, instead of deities, a class of demigods residing in heaven, described as dhurilochan (dhuri: smoke, lochan: eyes; their eyes remain half closed due to smoke) should be invoked. 

If possible, two brahmins in the name of deities, three for each of the three oblations offered (parvanas) during the sacred period (parva) and one each in the name of the deceased ancestor should be invited. If this is not feasible then in all five brahmins should be invited; one in the name of the deities, one each for the three oblations and one for all the ancestors. 

If it is not possible to perform the mahalaya shradh on the appropriate date (tithi), it may be performed on a later appropriate date till the sun reaches the Scorpio (Vrushchik) solar sign.

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