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Pitr Paksha~Shradh~श्राद्ध पर्व - How to Identify Pitru Dosh in Kundli

Rahu and Ketu – the two chayya grahas are responsible for certain bad yogas in the horoscope of individuals. 

The Saints and Rishis have woven many facts in the mythology to give a meaning of Solar ( Sun ) and Lunar ( Moon ) Eclipse. Another meaning is that Rahu gives the result at a cost of losing the body. And Ketu gives the result at a cost of losing the head. Means, the person under the effect of Rahu or Ketu has to loose one thing to get another. 

Additionally, whenever there is any kind of connection between Rahu & Ketu and Sun & Moon, it mostly gives inauspicious results.

Pitru Dosh is one type of Yoga, which is formed by various combinations and placements of planets and houses. As per Astrology system, Sun is the symbol of Father. Furthermore, the 10th house in the horoscope also indicates Father and related aspects. Hence, if any negative combination of Sun or the 10th house, indicates presence of some kind of Pitru Dosh.

At many places, Saturn is also hold equally responsible for different forms of Pitru Dosh. When Sun and Saturn are in the same house, or affecting each other, it is also considered as Pitru Dosh. Saturn also represents our ancestors. 

If Saturn is afflicting Moon then predict that Pitru Dosh is from maternal side, while if Saturn is afflicting Sun, then predict that the Pitru Dosh is from paternal side. For this to happen, the 5th lord/house should also be afflicted.

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