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Raksha Bandhan~रक्षा बंधन - Religious actions while tying rakhi
Rakshabandhan is a great festival of brother - sister love. There are some procedures should be followed at the time of this festivall celebration. 

- For tying the rakhi, a short wooden stool is placed for the brother to be seated.

- A rangoli design is drawn around this wooden stool.

- Sattvik frequencies are emitted from the rangoli designs made in this way and they help in making the environment of the place sattvik. 

(The brother wearing new clothes and a cap on his head, applies tilak on his forehead and sits on the wooden stool. Sister stands in front of him with a platter for aukshan in her hand. Both brother and sister close their eyes, pay obeisance to the God.)

- Now both brother and sister pray to the deities for the protection of each other.

- The sister applies tilak of vermillion to the brother.

- The sister ties the rakhi on the right wrist of the brother.

- After tying the rakhi, a ghee lamp arti is waved in a semi-circle in front of the brother.

- After waving the aarti, the brother gives his sister something as a gift. The sister should respect the brother by accepting his gift.

Appropriate prayer by the brother on Raksha Bandhan Day: On Raksha Bandhan day every brother should pray, 'In addition to the protection of my sister let me make efforts for the protection of Society, Nation and Dharma.'
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