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Varalakshmi Vratham~वरलक्ष्मी व्रत - Sacredness of Varlakshmi Vartham
  • VARA LAKSHMI is  not included in ASHTA LAKSHMI.
  • THIS IS THE NINTH LAKSHMI- That is why during the puja [particularly towards the end] one SARADU with 9 Knots is placed and ARCHANA is performed and then the SARADU [CHORD] is worn by house lady and also the guests.
  • The mantra includes first the first 8 Lakshmi and 9th is Vara Lakshmi.

The different types of benefits that will accrue thanks to performing the Varalakshmi puja are 

  • Dhan [Money]
  • Dhanyam [Gains or Food]
  • Arogyam [Health]
  • Sampath [Property]
  • Sathsanthanam [Virtuous offspring]
  • Dheerga saumangalyam [Longevity of the husband].
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