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Varalakshmi Vratham~वरलक्ष्मी व्रत - Significance of Varalakshmi Vratham

Eight forces or energies are recognised and they are known as

  • Sri [Wealth]
  • Bhu [Earth]
  • Sarasvati [learning]
  • Priti [love]
  • Kirti [Fame]
  • Santi [Peace]
  • Tushti[Pleasure] and
  • Pushti[Strength]

Each one of these forces is called a Lakshmi and all the eight forces are called the Ashta Lakshmis or the eight Lakshmis of the Hindus. Vishnu is also called Ashta Lakshmi Padhi which is equivalent to saying that he is the asylum for the eight-Lakshmis or forces. In fact, Vishnu representing the preservative aspect of the universe, radiates these forces from him. These forces are personified and worshipped as Lakshmis, since abstract force is beyond the comprehension of the ordinary people. As health, wealth and prosperity depend upon the rythmic play of these forces, the worship of Lakshmi is said to be to obtain these three. Only a woman can sympathise with women. Lakshmi is a woman. So she will more readily sympathise with women. Hence this festival is observed largely by women, invoking the blessings of Lakshmi on them, their husbands and their children.

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