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Kajali Teej~कजली तीज - What women do during Kajli Teej Festival

Keeps Fast 

Women keep fast on that day. They have their dinner after performing puja n after observing moon. From the evening time to the time when the moon comes out they don’t even drink water.

Ready for Evening Puja : At the evening hours, women used to take bath to purify themselves and then they dress themselves in the most beautiful saree or lehanga. They also wear jewelleries made of Gold,Diamond and Silver. They also do make up to make themselves look most beautiful than they ever had been since the day of their marriage.

The newly wedded women dress themselves as they were dressed at the time of their marriage. With heavy lehanga, jewellery, bangles and make up they looks like bride again. Some women also buy new saree or lehanga and jewellery for this special occasion. They also book a beautician for this day.

And the engaged girls dress themselves in the dress or saree and jewellery which is gifted to them one day before by their future in laws.

Teej Puja : Then all the women perform teej puja together by offering fruits and sweets to teej mata. Then they read Teej Vrat Katha accompanied with a Ganeshji's KahaniChhiek Mata ki Kahani and a Lapsy Tapsy Ki Kahani. They also sing teej songs at the time of puja.

Cut Sattu (Sattu Pasna) : After completing the puja, all the women sits with their husbands and then “Sattu” or Pindo ( a special kind of sweet dish which is prepared for Teej) is then passed to each of the couples. That Sattu is shaped as cake and a coconut in between and decorated with some dry fruits. This Sattu is then cut by the husbands with the support of their wives.This process is called Sattu Pasna or Pindo Pasna.

Moon Rise : Once the moon become visible, all the women do its puja with the sweet, water and wheat

which they used during the time of their Teej puja or Neem puja. They also offer kumkum and red thread (moli) to moon. And then they rotate thrice at their place infront of the moon. At the time of offering water to moon they used to chant some words seven times :
                            “Sona ka sankhlo, gal motiya ko haar;
                          Chandrama na arag deu, jiyo bir bhartaar.”


Breaks Fast : Then they touch feet of all the elder members of their family and receive blessings from them. Then they all together have their dinner after their husband have done.

Before having dinner they have to first drink some raw milk mixed with some water through a leaf(Aakda Leaves). Then they take seven bites of Sattu with neem leaf. And then they can start their dinner.  Some women don’t take dinner they only eat Sattu , fruits n milk.

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