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Naag Panchami~नाग पंचमी - Worship Of Naag Panchami


People do not dig the earth this day and offer cow`s milk, fried paddy, rice`s breed and durva (tip of a special grass) in front of the pictures of Nag or make its idol of mud and sand and worship it.

On this day, figures of Navnag (nine cobras) are drawn with turmeric or raktachandan (red sandalwood) on a wooden seat and are worshipped. Some people even worship live cobras on the Nag Panchmi day and offer them milk and other offerings as feed.  
The Navnag comprise the nine major groups of pavitraks. Pavitraks are the subtlemost Divine particles.
This festival is celebrated all over India and more or less the way of worshipping is same.

In Maharashtra, a group of people asks alms and clothing by taking a dormant cobra in a plate and visiting as many houses as possible.

In kerela, people prefer visiting the snake temples and worship the stone or metal icons of snakes and pray so that they and their families are saved from any snakebite throughout the year.

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