Hasta Nakshatra Characteristics

Atham consist of five stars: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, and Epsilon-Corvi. The constellation Corvi is visible in the night sky just below the bright star of Spica. In the astrology chart, Atham resides completely in the sign of Virgo. The word Atham translates as “the hand” and signifies all activities performed with hand. Those born under this star are industrious, intelligent and reasonable. This Nakshtra also symbolizes agreements and greetings as represented by the hand shake. The ruling deity Savither, an aspect of the Sun, is jovial and carefree. Savither gives the ability to use the hands in a skilled, crafty, or cunning manner. They can also be used for trickery and gambling. Savither has the power to give life so Atham can be associated with child birth and establishing a family. Atham is an optimistic star with an amazing capacity to create. Those born under this Nakshtra have the ability to manifest an object of desire in their hands.

As a boy you may have occasional failures. Your wealth and progress are initially unsteady. Success may be followed quickly by failure or regression. Although your intentions are honest, your manner might not be diplomatic enough. This could be a serious obstacle to your progress in life. Your financial progress is affected because of your various responsibilities and problems. However, if you feel that a certain task in beneath you, you will not do it, even if it will help better your situation. In spite of frequent annoyances, the relationship with your wife will be generally happy. Life is pleasant to you. You should guard against committing yourself to romantic involvements when you suspect the loyalty of your intended partner. But when the early hurdles are overcome, your marriage should be fairly happy. Nevertheless, there will be some problems relating to either your spouse or your children.
You are quick and have a gift for conversation. You will shine in sales or politics. You will succeed in whatever you set your mind to. You have good powers of memorization and retention that are the envy of others. You seek a wide variety of amusements. You are proud of yourself and are never ashamed of anything you do or say. You have a captivating smile. Your femininity is impressive. You will be a valued member of your group of friends. Don’t expect unfailing gratitude from those you help. You have a clear sense of discipline in all your dealings. Be prepared for changes of luck in your life. You can be successful in positions of authority, and you can rely on your gift of gab to get you there. You are a good mediator. This will come in handy in the home to settle disputes between your husband and children.
Famous Athams: Jimmy Carter, Burt Reynolds, Rudolph valentine, Richard Burten, Robert Duvall.
Favorable Activities:
Marriage, Founding an organization, Crafts, pottery, jewelry making, beginning activities, buying a home, inaugurations, performing ceremonies, giving to charity, diplomacy, trading goods, travel, moving .
Unfavorable activities:
Long term planning or activities require executive decision making, sexual activity, rest or leisure, or night time activities.
Avoid transactions and auspicious functions in Chothi, Anishzam, Moolam, Aswathi, Bharani and Karthika. (Aries Sign)
Keep off from harming Buffalol, the animal of Atham star
Take care not to cut the Ambazham or its branches the official tree and harm crow, the official bird of Atham.
Worshipping the Lord of Fire
Chant “Om Savithre Namaha”
Feed the Crows
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