P.Bhadra Nakshatra Characteristics
The star Pooruruttathi is located in the constellation Peagas, the winged horse. It is comprised of the two stars, Markab (Alpha Pegas) and Scheat (Beta Pegasi). The symbol for this star is the front legs of a funeral cot, which indicates a strong connection to the element of Fire. People born under Pooruttathi are independent and capable of sacrificing or purifying themselves for a higher purpose. They often have idealistic goals and aspirations for the improvement of society. This star bestows charisma and eloquent speech that can be used to motivate and educate. There can also be a tendency to criticize or become cynical. The level of intensity and the capacity for transformation are extremely strong in Pooruruttathi. This is the star of tremendous perseverance.
General characteristics: Intelligent scholar; skilled at making money
Translation: “The former one he possesses lucky feet”
Symbol: A sward, two front legs of a bed or a funeral cot, two faced man
Animal Symbol: Naran
Presiding Deity: `Aja Ekapada’, the one footed goat
Controlling Planet: Jupiter
Nature: Manushya (Human)
Mode: Passive
No: 25
Gender (Yoni): Male
Animal Man
Bird Peacock
Tree Mango Tree
Botanical Name Mangifera indica
Dosha Vata
Guna Satwic
Pooruruttathi Male:
Regardless of whether you have an easy or hard childhood, you will manage to find contentment in most things. You believe in justice and hard work. You engage in travel and may even settle down far from your place of birth. You are tenacious in attacking problems and you seldom withdraw from a task once your interest is captured. You never get disappointed and, therefore, you never quit. You are energetic and extremely active. You are a fairly good judge of human nature. Your capacity to love, and act generously because of that love, is enormous. However, your anger or hatred can be equally strong. After you develop a stable romantic relationship, you will learn to react less emotionally to others around you. Your focus will be on the women you love and on your children. You will be a proud and happy parent. You may have stomach or gastric problems.
Pooruruttathi Female:
You are practical, efficient, impartial and independent. However, you are extremely demonstrative and sometimes emotionally needy in the realm of inter-personal relationships. You are willing to do anything for the person you love. Beware of this tendency because it sets precedents that are hard to break. You tend to express all your feelings and emotions to those you trust. You will earn money through the government or large institutions. You are also careful in how you spend money. You are not above convincing or scheming if its suits your best interests. You get angry quickly, but you also forget your anger in hurry. You are adventurous and enjoy traveling. You may be involved in a couple of unsatisfactory relationships before you find the man who is worthy of you. The person who finally captures your heart will become lucky and wealthy because of you. You love to eat well and live well.
As you born in Pooruruttathi star, your star lord is Jupiter. Even though you listen to others it is your personal wishes that you put in to practice. This will cause delay in building a consensus in many critical conditions.
On the basis of the birth star, the Dasa periods of some planets may be generally unfavorable to you. The birth star being Pooruruttathi suggests that you may have bitter experiences during the Dasa periods of Mercury, Venus and Moon.
The lord of the birth sign Sagittarius is Saturn. Always be clear about the belief in others and the enthusiasm in the discharge of duties. You may be forced to make compromises to forge consensus and unity. The results corresponding to the hard work will be delayed.
Avoid transactions and auspicious functions in the unfavorable stars of Revathi, Bharani, Rohini, Uthram, Atham and Chithira.
Praying regularly to Jupiter and Lord Vishnu, particularly during the hostile Dasa period, is considered to be beneficial. For better results, visit the temples and perform virtuous deeds on the birth star of Pooruruttathi and on the associated stars of Vishakham and Punartham. It is also considered extremely auspicious to meditate on the divine power on Thursdays, which fall on Pooruruttathi star.
Pray daily to the Lord of the Star, Jupiter, to get good results. Donate free meals on the days that combine Thursdays and Pooruruttathi
Moreover, observing the rites to appease the lord of the sign Saturn (1st 3 Padas of Pooruruttathi) will bring good results. Skip rise meal once on Saturdays. Selecting and wearing red, black and dark blue dresses in considered auspicious.
Ajaikapal is the lord of Pooruruttathi star. Chant faithfully the following Mantra to appease the lord and receive good prospects.
“Om Ajeikapadhe namaha”
Besides, nurturing plants, animals and birds is considered highly auspicious. The animal of Pooruruttathi star is Naran. Therefore co-operate with good natured people and do not harm them. Try to plant and grow Thenmavu, the official tree of Pooruruttathi and do not cut its branches. Do not harm peacock, the official bird of Pooruruttathi. The element of Pooruruttathi is Sky. Worship the Asttadikpalakas and prevent nature destructive and polluting activities for advancement in life.
Famous Pooruruttathis:
Martin Luther King, Michael Jackson, Madam Curie, Grouch Marx, Robert DeNiro, O J Simpson
Favorable actives:
Dangerous activities, risk taking, mechanical or technical activities, agriculture, issues concerning death
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