P.Phalguni Nakshatra Characteristics
Purva Phalguniconsists of two bright stars in the night sky Zosma (Delta Leonis). These stars are in the constellation of Leo, positioned to the left of the bright star Regules. Pooram is represented by the front legs of a bed, which signify rest, rejuvenation and pleasure. The ruling deity Bhaga, the God of delight, bestows affection and sexual passion. Venus, the planetary ruler of this Nakshatra, brings an appreciation for relationships, beauty and luxury. Pooram is the most theatrical and carefree of the Nakshatras. born under this Nakshatra desire recognition for their accomplishments, yet they must be cautious of laziness or pretentious behavior. This is truly a star of relaxation, recreation and sometime vanity. Pooram gives the energy of renewal and contentment through the love of art and creativity.
You have a well developed personality and are a man of aesthetic sense. You prefer a calm and quiet life with less power and show. As a gentleman, a degree of nobility and decency is evident in all dealings. You are bound to succeed in whatever you do. As you are not very good in kow-towing to the ‘Boss’, you may have to face obstacles or problems. Your dedication and honesty gain you many direct and indirect enemies. You may not achieve the station you deserve in life, but it must be emphasized that you will also not face any major failures in life. Considering your approach you should have a warm circle of friends. Some people may consider you proud of overconfident. Although married life will ultimately be happy, you have some chance of separation. You will enjoy a good relationship with your children. Health problems will most probably be connected with gastric trouble.
Your conversation is pleasant, as is your manner. Your externally gentle nature may be misunderstood as a sign of passivity. You have remarkable skills of organization and communication. Government jobs or dealing are easy for you. You have the good luck with vehicles and like to travel. You have secret fears that you do not allow the world to see. Men appreciate your good looks, and independent nature. You understand people and their motives. You are prone to worrying and you can always find or invent something to worry about. You rebel against authority but you are respectful in yhe work environment. You are cautioned to be tactful in all your dealings. You may change your professional or personal goals more than once in your life. Judge the effect of your actions carefully.
Famous Poorams: Dustin Hoffman, Madonna, John. F. Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, John Travolta, Robert Redford, Shirley Mc Claine.
Favorable Activities:
Marriage, Romance, Sex, Resolving old disputes, Confronting adversaries, Rest, Relaxation, Pleasure, Artistic activities, Buying property, etc.
Unfavorable activities:
Beginning new projects or activities, intellectual activities, healing, or recovering from an illness.
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