From the dawn of  history, people have associated different stones with certain powers - powers for healing, for happiness, for inspiration, wealth and love.

Unlike some companies who sell glass imitations, we have selected the finest quality genuine semi-precious stones. Feel the Power! Now you too can enrich and take control of your life with a little help from your power bead bracelet. Combine different elements for even greater power, be it passion, self control or money!

Tiger eye
CALMING EFFECT Tiger-eye is an aggregate of quartz mixed with iron. Tiger-eye would be excellent for the narrow mindedness person. This stone would be a very good protection against negative influences. In African cultures, tiger-eye is often used against "black magic". This stone would soothe nervous persons and would help concentration.

Anti-depression . It is an energetic stone . Hematite would be efficient in all blood troubles. It would also help to find a deep sleep. Hematite  wards off bad moods and depressed feelings. Beneficial to the circulatory system - increases resistance to stress - stimulates spleen - restores vitality - calms excessive energy. Wear with Black Onyx to get rid of the junk in your life!

Amethyst is the stone that possesses the strongest spiritual energy. It is a remarkable stone as a meditation and concentration support. Amethyst stimulates the intellectual side of your life. Increases activity of right-side brain - purifies blood - reinforces immunity system - increases psychic skills and intuition - tranquilizer.

Mother of pearl
Mother of Pearl - Attracts money and wealth! Works well with any other power bead to bring an abundance prosperity and good luck. A lovely looking stone.

Turquoise - Master healer. 
Heals body, mind & spirit. Bestowed of goodness. Wear turquoise with Mother of Pearl for a life full of wealth and health.

Aventurine - Prosperity & Success. Also good for creativity and intuition! Wear aventurine with any other stone to attract success in that endeavor. Beautiful green Aventurine holds the power of success.

Rose quartz
Love & Romance. The soft pink colour of this quartz would lead to tenderness and to kindness. Strongly connected to the softness, it emanates, the child is attracted by this stone. Rose quartz would restore the love of self and would develop the creativity (it's the favorite stone of the artists). Rose Quartz Power Beads are beneficial to the circulatory system - increases fertility - appeases sexual and emotional lack of balance - increases self-confidence - calms down.

Black Onyx - Protection. Protects against negativity and is very grounding. Use Rose quartz with the onyx and create strength while going through bad times, in health wealth or relationship problems.


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