Revati Nakshatra Characteristics
Revathi is the 27th and final star. Looking up the night sky, Revathi is a group of stars in the constellation Pisces. The brightest of the group is Zeta Piscium. The ruling deity, Pushan, provides nourishment and has the ability to shine light on a person’s life. This star is associated with safe traveling and fruitful journeys. Revathi means “the wealthy” and is ruled by Mercury. Vishnu, the ruler of Mercury, along with his consort Lakshmi, signifies wealth and prosperity. People born under this star are polite, charming and social. They have a refined nature and are always willing to offer support or a helping hand. Revathi is one of the most optimistic and reverent stars that has the capacity to see the big picture.

General Characteristics: Perfect limbs, genial manners, deep learning, riches, does not covet others property

Translation: “The wealthy”
Symbol: A drum or fish swimming in the sea
Animal symbol: A female Elephant
Presiding Deity: Pushan, the nurturer and protector of flocks and herds, who is invoked for safe travel
Controlling planet: Mercury
Ruling deity of Mercury: Vishnu
Nature: Deva (God like)
Mode: Balanced
Number 27
Gender Female
Dosha: Kapha
Guna: Satwic
Element: Ether
Disposition: Mild and Tender
Bird: Peacock
Tree: Irippa
Botanical name: Bassia Longifolia
Seed sounds The, Tho, Cha, Chi
Also related planets: Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces, gives compassion; Kethu brings the energy of completion

Revathi: Male

You are a sincere, straightforward and open-minded individual. Thought quick to anger, you do not conceal your true self from others. Since you have confidence in your abilities, you should be encouraged to stick by your convictions. You are fully competent to judge yourself and others. Your decisions are normally slow and deliberate. You may be a little cold toward other since you are basically an extremely independent individual. Your love relationships will be decidedly turbulent. You may have to endure a separation or a divorce before learn finally learn to accept your mate. Take ample care of your heart and stomach.
Revathi: Female
Your childhood is comfortable and generally devoid of problems. Even in adult-hood you will not face many difficulties. You will not suffer from want as others do. Problem may appear and disappear without any real intervention on your part. You will be admired by many men. You have a nice figure and a good constitution. You love romance, and you enjoy affection. Once you find the man you love, you will expend all your romantic energies on him. You are gentle, sincere and pleasant. You do have a very independent streak in your nature. You do not like anyone to question your motives or your integrity. You will move away from the place where you were born. Your husband and children will love you and need you. Go to the doctor regularly and take good care of your health.
Star Remedies
As you are born in Revathi star, your lord star is Mercury. You like to speak frankly. This may be an impediment in the peaceful settlement of complex problems.
On the basis of the birth star, the Dasa period of some planets may be generally unfavorable to you. The birth star being Revathi suggests that you may have adverse experiences during the period of Venus, Moon and Rahu.
Distinct thoughts and action will be displayed during the hostile Dasa periods. You may have an inclination to deviate from the moral path. It may not be possible to take care of your health. Your inclination towards unprofitable things will increase during this period. You may have to restrict your likes and dislikes to avoid friction in martial life.
The lord of the birth sign Meenam (Pisces) is Jupiter. Keep a define outlook with respect to your field of activity and education. A thought into how your logical thinking and action affect other will help to eliminate many misunderstanding.
Avoid transaction and auspicious function in the unfavorable star of Bharani, Rohini, Thiruvathira, Chithira (Thulam sign), Chothi and Vishakham (Thulam sing).
You must practice restraining your words and behavior during the unfavorable Dasa periods, especially on the hostile stars. Try to stay away from unnecessary tussles. It is best not to interfere in others matters during this period.
Practicing customary remedial measures will help to mitigate the negative effects.
Praying regularly to Jupiter and Lord Vishnu, particularly during the hostile Dasa period, is considered to be beneficial. For better result, visit the temples on the birth star of Revathi and on the associated stars of Ayilyam and Thrikketta. It is also considered extremely auspicious to meditate on the divine power on Wednesday that fall on Revathi star.
Pray daily to the lord of the star, Mercury, to get good result. Read holy books like epics daily for prosperity. Selecting and wearing yellow and green dresses is considered auspicious.
Apart from this, worship Jupiter, the lord of the sign and take measure to please him.
Pushavu is the lord of Revathi star. Chant faithfully any of the following Mantras to appease the lord and receive good prospects:
1. " Om pooshanathavathratha vayam na rishyema
Kadhaachana sthothaarastha ihasmasi"
2. " Om pooshne namaha"
Besides, nurturing plants, animals and birds is considered highly auspicious. Especially, avoid harming elephant, the animal of Revathi star and if possible feed them. Try to plant and grow Irippa, the official tree of Revathi and do not cut its branches. Do not harm peacock, the official bird of Revathi. The element of Revathi is Sky. Worship the Ashtadikpalakas and prevent nature destructive and polluting activities.
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