Shatbisha Nakshatra Characteristics

A group of faint stars, completely within the sign of Aquarius, from the star Chathayam. When gazing at this star in the sky, Sadalachbia (Gama Aquarii) is the brightest star of the group. Chathayam is known as “100 physicians” and is connected to medicine and healing abilities. People born under this star are independent and intrigued with puzzles, research and getting to the bottom of things. The symbol of Chathayam is an empty circle, which indicates the ability to explore mysteries and philosophies of the unknown. Chathayam is secretive star with a focus on hidden powers of life. This may lead to reclusive life and those born under this star must be cautious of depression and seclusion. Overall, Chathayam bestows a truthful, perspective and ambitious nature.

General Characteristics:
Independent; harsh, yet truthful speech; grief-stricken, but conquers enemies; thoughtlessly engages in work.
Translation: “Hundred Physicians”,” Hundred Medicines”, “Possessing a Hundred Healers”
Symbol: A Female Horse
Presiding Deity: Lord Varuna, The God of rain and cosmic waters
Controlling planet: Rahu
Ruling Deity of Rahu: Durga
Nature: Rakshasa (Demonic)
Mode: Active
Number: 24
Gender (Yoni): Female
Dosha: Vata
Guna: Tamasic
Element: Ether
Disposition: moveable
Bird: Peacock
Tree: Kadambu
Botanical Name: Eugenia Racemosa
Seed Sounds: Go, Sa, Si, Su.
Also related planets: Saturn the ruler of Aquarius, Gives practicality
Chathayam Male:
Are you a polite, hospitable, caring individual. Your expertise lies in the fields of construction and production. Your creativity needs a sound and viable outlet. You are a secretive individual and there are many things about you that you do not even tell your spouse. You are clever and quick-witted but you have a tendency to get bored easily. You are an engaging conversationalist. However, your efforts will be met by success. Your parents may not be particularly effective in preparing you for the challenges of this world. These resentments may manifest themselves when you begin to build your own family. You may feel that the essence of togetherness or oneness is lacking in your love relationships. You may be easy to anger and thus cause domestic problems. The structure and order that you seek within the home may be a fantasy. Don’t expect too much from your partner. Difficulties in your relationships may lead to either temporary or permanent separations. Take extra precautions to counter kidney or bladder ailments. Also try and curb your addiction to candy.
Chathayam Female:
As a child you have a tendency to speak without thinking of the consequences. As you grow in to womanhood this trite remains with you. You Call things as you see them and often hurt the feelings of others in the process. You are a good schemer, and the plans you concoct serve to help you and confuse your enemies. You are not a creature of whims. You do not have time for superstitions and pipe-dreams. You tend to get irritated if things don’t go your way. You know your worth even though others may not recognize it right away. Others may see you as too hard- nosed and uncaring. You are lucky, idealistic and calm. This combination causes others to resent you. You are willing to tolerate others if they tolerate and respect you. You are a determined individual. The peace and contentment of your married life will depend in large part on your relationship with your in-laws.
Famous Chathayams:
Sree Narayana Guru, Paul Newman, Robin Williams, Elvis Presley, J. Edgar Hoover, Paul Klee, Joe DiMaggio
Favorable Activities:
Signing business deals and contracts, land and property deals, education, travel, sexual activities, media events, technological activities
As you are born in Chathayam star, your star lord is Rahu. Chathayam- born persons prefer to voice their opinions boldly. And this often stands in the way of maintaining healthy relationships.
The lord of the birth sign Aquarius is Saturn. Always be clear about the belief in others and the enthusiasm in the discharge of duties. Bear in mind the effect of your independent ideas and actions on others.
Avoid transactions and auspicious functions in the unfavorable stars of Uthrattathi, Aswathy, Karthika, Uthram (Last 3 Padas), Atham, Chithira.
Praying regularly to Lord Ayyappa and Serpent Lord, particularly during the hostile Dasa period, is considered to be beneficial. For better results, pray to the Serpent Lord on the birth star of Chathayam and on the associated stars of Chothi and Thiruvathira. Presenting offerings according to your ability on the Chathayam star is also auspicious. Pray daily to the lord of the star, Rahu to get good results. Plant Kadambu tree at an appropriate place and also take steps to preserve “Sarpa kavus“. Besides, it is best to skip rice meal ones on Saturdays.
Moreover, observing the rites to appease the Lord of the sign, Saturn will bring good results. Selecting and wearing red, black, and dark blue dresses is considered auspicious.Varuna is the Lord of Chathayam star. Chant faithfully the following Mantra to appease the Lord and receive good prospects.
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