Shravana Nakshatra Characteristics

Looking up in to the night sky, Thiruvonam consist of the stars Altair, Alshain and Tarazed. These stars from the head of Aquila, the Eagle.The word Thiruvonam translates as “hearing and the symbol of this star is the ear. This is a star of listening and learning. Just as ancient cultures passed on knowledge through oral traditions, so also people born under Thiruvonam have great ability to obtain knowledge through oral traditions. The media and communication field are also associated with this star. Those born under Thiruvonam seek wisdom and often travel to foreign countries. To further their education, those people have great focus for obtaining goals and complete all the projects they begin

General Characteristics:Prosperous, learned, wealthy, famous and has a liberal-minded spouse.
Translation: “Hearing”, “The one who limps” (refers to Vishnu’s three steps)
Symbol: An ear; three foot prints in an uneven row; a trident
Animal symbol: A female monkey
Presiding deity: Lord Vishnu, The preserver of the Universe
Controlling planet: Moon
Ruling deity of Moon: Parvathi
Nature: Deva (God~like)
Mode: Passive
Number: 22 (related to new beginnings)
Gender: Male
Animal:Monkey (Female)
Dosha: Kapha
Guna: Rajasic
Element: Air
Disposition: Movable
Bird: Cock
Tree: Calotropis (Erukku)
Seed sounds: Ju, Je, Jo, and Gha
Also related planets: Saturn rules Capricorn
You have a distinctive and commanding personality. Your words and actions demonstrate your innate nobility. But often others do not treat you in the manner in which you feel you should be treated. You are not willing to wander through life aimlessly. You are adamant about your needs and you try to achieve them by whatever means possible. However, you will maintain your principles. You appear tough and uncaring, but the seriousness is only external. Those you are close to you recognize the difference between your social and private persona. These will be marked fluctuations in your periods of good and bad luck. If you are displaced by any situation, you voice your concerns. Sometimes ignoring the feelings of those around you. Despite your seeming lack of concern for others, you are willing to sacrifice yourself for the betterment of your family. You have a deep desire to help others. You are prone to secretive worries; however, you will lead a good life. Although there may be disappointments, you will ultimately find peace with the person we love.
You are a women who use her skills to make a good living. You recognize that is only by your hard work that you can get ahead. Your family will be either incapable of or unable to support you in your youth. You will have to make your way in the world through your own efforts. However, marriage should be enjoyable for you. You will probably have a mate who understands your needs your needs and does his best to accommodate them. You will have a happy life. You spent a lot of money and you tend to spend money to make other people happy. But do not be disappointed if those you help do not respond warmly enough. Stay away from convincing sales-people. You will keenly interest in getting to the bottom of any situation. You are religiously inclined and may become more deeply so as you get older. You are methodical in your actions. You believe in order and in cleanliness. You enjoy being a gracious hostess. Even when relationships end, it is hard for those who know you to leave you. Whether it is to your advantage or disadvantage, you have an abiding of truth and fair-play.
As you are born in Thiruvonam star, your star lord is Moon. You prefer to keep a safe distance from benevolent thoughts and acts in the money matters. This is mostly due to your miserly nature.
The lord of the birth sign Capricorn (Makaram) is Saturn. Always be clear about your belief in others and the enthusiasm in the discharge of duties. Taking in to account how your ideas and actions have an influence on others will be beneficial. It will be difficult to get the rightful consideration for the ethical attitude of leaders.
Avoid transactions and auspicious functions in the unfavorable stars of Chathayam, Uthrattathi, Aswathi, Makam Pooram and Uthram.
Praying regularly to Lord Ayyappa and Mother Goddess, particularly during the hostile Dasa period, is considered to be beneficial. For better prospects, visit temples of Goddess on stars of Thiruvonam, Rohini and Atham. Performing the required Poojas on Amavasi days or on the Mondays in the Thiruvonam star will give excellent results.
Pray daily the Lord of the star, Moon, to get good results. Donating free meals daily according to your ability is also auspicious. Moreover, for better results observe the rites to please the lord of the sign Saturn. Skip rice meal once on Saturdays. Selecting and wearing white, black and dark blue dresses in considered auspicious.
Lord Vishnu is the Lord of Thiruvonam star. Chant faithfully Vishnu mantras to appease the lord and receive good Prospects.
Avoid harming monkeys the official animal of Thiruvonam star, Avoid chicken in your meals, plant and protect Erukku (Calotropis Gigantea) the official bird and tree of Thiruvonam star
Famous Thiruvonams:
Henry Ford, Muhammad Ali, George Lucas, Charles Mansion, Bruce Willis, Jessica Lange
Favorable activities:
Humanitarian activities, beginning new ventures, travel, buying property, study languages, meditation, politics, building house
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