U.Bhadra Nakshatra Characteristics

Uttara Bhadrapadaconsists of two stars, gamma Pegasi and alpha Andromeda, which connect the constellations of Pegasus and Andromeda in modern astronomy. The symbol of this star is the latter half of the funeral cot that it shares with the star Purva Bhadrapada (Pooruruttathi). This star is also associated with fire purification and passion, but is less aggressive than the former star. The ruling deity, Ahir Budhanya gives Uthrattathi the desire to examine things at depth and explore the Kundalini energy. Those born under this star are compassionate, virtuous, and drawn to humanitarian causes. They require solitude and time for contemplation, but must be cautious of laziness and isolation. Uthrattathi is full of wisdom and determination, yet understands the necessity of patients in obtaining the highest achievement.

General Characteristics:
Happy people; eloquent speakers; virtuous nature; able to conquer enemies
Translation: “The latter one who possesses lucky feet”
Symbol: Two back legs of a bed or funeral cot
Animal Symbol: Cow
Presiding Deity: Ahir Budhanya, the serpent of the depths who is connected to fertility and Kundalini
Controlling Planet: Saturn
Ruling deity of Saturn: Sastha, Hanuman
Nature: Manushya (Human)
Mode: Balanced
Number: 26
Gender (Yoni): Female
Dosha: Pitta
Guna: Tamasic
Element: Eather
Disposition: Fixed
Bird: Peacock
Tree: Palm (Karimpana)
Seed Sounds: Du, Jham Tha, Jna
Also related Planets: Jupiter the ruler of Pisces, give expansion; Ketu gives spirituality.
Uthrattathi: Male
You believe in the value of your word and the sanctity of your values. Your standing in society is dependant more on your personality than on your monetary position. People will like and respect you. You are sometimes impractical, but always honest and most often level-headed. You are aware of the world around you but you may refuse to be swayed by the action of others. Ironically, you can be extremely quick-tempered as well as extremely practical and calm, depending on what the situation warrants. You take encouragement well and your performance improves markedly when you are noticed and appreciated. You are willing to do any number of things for others, but you require commendation. Lack of praise should not upset you unduly. An unbending ego will work counter to your desired goals. A second-half of your life will be more rewarding than the first. Once you find the person who fulfils all your emotional needs, you will remain a faithful and dedicated husband.
Uthrattathi: Female
You are a charming conversationalist and a good friend. You are also keenly interested in science and technology. Your nature is a captivating mixture of tradition and modernity. You cherish the grandeur of traditional, while enjoying the wonders of the modern age. You care about your family, your society and your world. You are diplomatic in your dealing with all types of people. You respect your parents. You are kind-hearted often will not ask for assistance for fear that it will inconvenience other. You will be well informed about a variety of subjects. You are deeply aware of your duty to those less fortunate than yourself. You can be sensitive about matter that you care about deeply. You husband will be an efficient and careful man.
Star Remedies
As you are born in Uthrattathi star, your star lord is Saturn. Your tendency to talk sweetly and gently will create obstacles in achieving efficiency in practical life.
On the basis of the birth star, the Dasa period of some planets may be generally unfavorable to you. The birth star being Uthrattathi suggests that you may have adverse experiences during the Dasa period of Kethu, Sun and Mars.
There will be a number of visible changes in your thought and actions during this period. You may develop the tendency to hide facts. Laziness may not leave you during this period. Don’t let others think that you are a coward. You will be less enthusiastic to help your colleagues.
The lord of the birth Meenam is Jupiter. Maintain a clear-cut outlook with respect to your field of activity and education. Introspect whether your way of talking and style of working justifies your goals.
Avoid transaction and auspicious function in the unfavorable stars of Aswathi, Kartika, Makayiram, Chithira (Thulam sing), Chothi and Vishakham (Thulam sing).
You must practice restraining your words and behavior during the unfavorable Dasa periods, especially on the hostile stars. Try to stay away from unnecessary tussles. It is best not to interfere in others’ matters during this period.
Practicing customary remedial measure will help to mitigate the negative effects.
Praying regularly to Lord Ayyappa and Lord Vishnu, particularly during the hostile Dasa period, is considered to be beneficial. For better result, visit the temples on the birth star of Uthrattathi and also on the associated stars of Anizhham and Pooyam. It is also considered extremely auspicious to observe fast on Saturdays, which fall on Uthrattathi star.
Pray daily to the lord of the star, Saturn, to get good result. Besides, it is best to skip rice meal once on Saturdays and also to donate free meals according to your ability. Selecting and wearing back, dark blue and yellow dresses is considered auspicious.
Apart from this, worship Jupiter, the lord of the sign and take measures to please him.
Ahirbudhin is the lord of Uthrattathi star. Chant faithfully any of the following Mantras to appease the lord and receive good prospects:
1. Om uthano hirbudhnyaha shrnothwaja
Ekapaathprdhivee samudhraha
Vishwedevaa rthaavadheena huvaanaha sthuthaa
Manthraa kapishasthaa avanthu
2. Om ahirbudhnyaaya namaha
Besides, nurturing plants, animals and birds is considered highly auspicious. Especially, avoid harming cow, the animal of uthrattathi star and avoid eating cow meat. Try to plant and grow Karimpana, the official tree of Uthrattathi and do not cut its branches. Do not harm peacock, the official bird of Uthrattathi.
Fames Uthrattathis:
Bill Gates, Hilary Clinton
Favorable activities:
Marriage, financial transactions, Treatment of disease, peaceful activities
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