U.Phalguni Nakshatra Characteristics

Denebola (Beta Leonis), a bright star, and 93 Leonis, a very faint star. Uthram represented by the back legs of a bed, which signify relaxation and rejuvenation, but is less comfort-oriented than Pooram (Purva Phalguni). Uthram also incorporates the preparation for returning to work after a resting period. Aryaman, the God of patronage and kindness, is the ruling deity who gives Uthram a civilized and cultured approach to life. People under this star are noble reliable and generous. They are quite concerned with helping others and adhere to proper social etiquette. The ruling planet is the Sun, who gives qualities of radiance, prosperity, charity and benevolence to Uthram. This star has the ability to formulate creative expression and develop opinions. People born under Uthram are self reliant, independent and attempt to create their own path in society. This Nakshatra can have a cruel and harsh energy, but ultimately this intensity brings honor and balance. Uthram is a star of compassion and friendship.

You are born a generally lucky child. You will achieve what you want by your own unusual hard work. You are an extravagant spender. You will be a pleasure seeking individual. Untainted sincerity, clear principles and unstinting decency are all relevant parts of your personality. Though you are gentle in spirit, your patience and tolerance are quite low. When you get angry, you loss control and do or say anything, but you soon repent. You are prepared to help others to the exclusion of your own interests. You will have to work and diligently to solve problems. You are very sensitive to criticism. Generally you meet all your goals in life. You keep your word.
You will have wealth, happiness and popularity. But despite all this you will not be flamboyant or egotistical. Your value to your family is immeasurable. Your eating habits may cause distress to those who know you well. You are sincere, genteel, and honest. You do have a quick temper and you may lose your self control when you are irritated. However, you do repent your actions. Although you have a simplicity and purity about you, you should work at conveying the genuineness of your feelings to others. Even though you may be interested in helping others, it is good to think of your own interests as well. Try and achieve balance in your dealings with other people.
Famous Uthrams: Alexander Graham Bell, Mel Gibson, Agatha Christie, Sean Connery, Jack Nicholson.
Favorable Activities:
Marriage, Founding an organization, sexual activities, beginning activities, buying a home, inaugurations, performing ceremonies, giving to charity, diplomacy, and wearing new garments or jewelry.
Unfavorable activities:
Completions, lending money, confrontation, and activities requiring harsh behavior.
Avoid functions and auspicious functions in Chittira, Visakham Trikketta, Aswati, Bharani and Karthika.
Keep off from harming camel, the animal of Uthram star
Take care not to cut the Ithi or its branches the official tree and harm crow, the official bird of Uthram.
Worshipping the Lord of Fire
Chant “Om Bhagaya Namaha”
Feed the Crows
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