Feng Shui offers many cures and protections, ranging from three legged toads to crystal spheres, the following are some of the most popular.

Lead Crystal Sphere
Activates Chi in your room or office, creating good for the occupants and increases the balance of Yang. Which brings a healthier frame of mind and body. This is one of the most commonly used cures and produces amazing results, when sunlight hits these high quality crystals, beams of coloured light radiate in all directions activating ch·i energy, can also be used to slow down ch·i.

Three legged Toad God
This figure is used for attracting wealth abundance. Place this wonderful creature near your front door, facing into your home for luck and wealth, or place it in the wealth sector of your living room or office to magnify your wealth luck. Always leave the coin in its mouth.

Ba Gua Mirrors
If you have any negative energy directed at your front door, these Ba Gua mirrors will disperse the energy.

Ba Gua Crystal
Excellent protection for outside or inside, a wider beam of rainbow is created with these, a must for all homes or office.

Fu Dogs Male & Female

These protective animals are placed near your doorway of home or office to protect from evil influences. They are a symbol of valor and prosperity. red shou shan stone.

Money sword
Made from ancient style Chinese coins, its the perfect cure to hang near a doorway for protection or in your wealth area to enhance abundance. Also hang over cash registers in business.

Red and Green Dragon
Dragon holding a pearl in its claw symbolising power. Made from red or green shou shan stone.

Happy Buddha

Place the Happy Buddha for Health in the east sector of your home, he collects your troubles in his sack and carries the bottle gourd filled with Holy Nectar for a long life.



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