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Rishi Panchami 2023 Date in

Rishi Panchami in the year 2023 will be celebrated on Wednesday, 20th September 2023

Rishi Panchami is observed on the fifth day of the waxing moon fortnight of Bhadrapada month (August – September) according to Hindu Vikrami Samvat Calander . It is celebrated on the next day of Ganesh chaturti. In Maheshwari Community this day is also observed as Bhai Panchami.

On this day women who belong to this community tie rakhi on their brothers hand and pray for their long life and prosperity and happiness in their life. That rakhi must be in RedYellow or Orange colour. On that day women observe fast and completes the fast after tieing rakhi at their brother wrist. In morning they do 
Bhai Panchami puja.

Methods to perform Rishi Panchami Fast :  Devotee make Seven brothers with seven small sticks and white cloth and a white thread to tie clothes to the sticks. And then they make one sister with a small stick and a red cloth and moli to tie it. Then they put them together on a small wodden platform with the sister in middle. Now they do their puja by putting 
Kumkum and Rice to their foreheads and offer sweets and rakhi or moli to them. And then they begin their Bhai Panchami Vrat Katha accompanied with a Lord Ganesh ji story of fast. After finishing this they bow down to them and pray for their brrothers long life, prosperity and happiness.

While listening or reading the Bhai Panchami Vrat Katha they have to keep some cotton in their hand and have to make thread from it. While doing this they should be very careful about the thread should not break from the middle. And then this thread is offered to them. Some women also do Rishi Panchami 
Fast. On this day they should eat only those fruits, which grow below the earth (soil) and strictly avoid eating any eatables, which are prepared from the grains grown from the toiling of bullocks. Fruits should be eaten only once in a day. 

They can drink Cow Milk and Curd and fruits or vegetables which are grown by themselves at their home. Women observe this fast by paying homage to Sapta Rishis. They observe strict fast on this day. They go to water bodies like rivers and take holy bath. They clean their hands 108 times and listen to the story of GaneshNavagrehSaptarishi and worship Arundhati.

Saptarishi Worship Mantra :

Worship mantra that is used on the day of rishi panchami is...

कश्यपोत्रिर्भरद्वाजो विश्वामित्रोथ गौतमः।
जमदग्निर्वसिष्ठश्च सप्तैते ऋषयः स्मृताः॥
दहन्तु पापं सर्व गृह्नन्त्वर्ध्यं नमो नमः

This saptrishi worship mantra chanted on the day of rishi panchami for the blessings of saptarishi.

Significance of Rishi Panchami or Bhai Panchami : It is told to remember the Seven Sages of Sapta Rishi like KashyapAtri, Bharadwaj, VishwamitraGautamJanadagni and Vashishtha. During the observance of this Vrata, the women should visit river or any water storage in the afternoon, take cow dungwith them, clean their teeth with medicinal herbal stick, take cold-water bath. They should arrange the idol of Saptarshi on small wooden platform in the form of seven bettlenuts and perform pooja. This is what is told as a procedure. A certain king Sitasale asked Brahma to tell him of a fast, which would bestow the quickest result. Brahma replied that Rishi Panchami fast was the one such by virtue of which all sins are washed away.

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