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Monthly Horoscope - Pisces

Your Monthly Horoscope :

Pisces February 2020 Horoscope

This month you are inspired as you have never felt before. Initially you don’t think anything special will happen this month but by mid month all the rules of the game change. Be prepared to become the catalyst of change. Do it skillfully though. Radical change upsets people, so implement change with grace and poise.

In recent months you have rested, gained strength and energy to work, so February will be under the sign of work and many responsibilities. Creativity and brilliance as well as innate intuition will help you get out of many everyday matters, especially those related to financial matters.

Time to stretch your horizons and to expect a little more. Jupiter, your ruler, gives you a buoyant feeling, like having a guardian angel at your side. A confident, expansive feeling takes over and you try your luck at work where before you wouldn’t dare. Tuesday 16th sees you spreading love and being there for a friend who needs you.

 Love in General:

You are inspired this period and this should be conducive to your emotional life. You think more than usual and this introspection in the middle of month will prove beneficial in your emotional exchanges. Even if the love sector is not really highlighted this month, it is nonetheless true that you will want to love a very favorable disposition. Your desire will be strong and of good quality. The reciprocity of feelings depends on your respective themes but this month announces the awakening of the most fiery and spontaneous feelings. Exit procrastination dear Pisces live your feelings, express them all with the intuitive and sensitive palette of which you are the expert. The friendship sector should represent a melting pot capable of offering encounters, certainly, to live without promises. You will have enough volubility and initiative but you are looking for great love, pure and romantic, too, does not fantasize in advance about a person who would only pass through your life.

Advice for Pisces Horoscope:

Superb month for your future life, perceive the whole scope, dear Pisces. The unlimited will accompany you again this month, does your efforts, amplify your desire for projects, heal your friendships, anchor yourself and the heavens will return it to you a hundredfold. This month you are inspired by love and words. So write a poem, some prose or compose a dharma story. You are happy, witty and intelligent, so enjoy the stimulation while it lasts.

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