Wind chime and direction
Wind chimes are usually made of wood, iron and different metals, but which metal wind chime is right for you depends on where and how you hang it.

Which wind chime is lucky for which direction?
Wind chimes made of metal are perfect for hanging in the west and north direction of the house, while wood and clay wind chimes are best for the east and south directions.

Wind chime sounds
Wind chime luck also depends on the sound along with the metal. A variety of designs and metal wind chimes have arrived today. Those who are beautiful in appearance, but they either do not have a voice or have prickling ears.

Sweet voice
If you want wind chime to bring goodluck and growth for you, keep in mind that wind chime should be sweet. No voice or loud voice wind chime is of no use.

Number of rod in wind chime
Wind chimes come in many rod numbers. Wind chimes with different number of rods are considered important for different work. Everyone should choose the number of rods of wind chime according to their wishes.

How many rods to choose for goodluck
According to Feng Shui, it is considered best to take a 7 or 8 rod wind chime to eliminate molasses in the home shop by eliminating the bed luck.

How many rods to choose to avoid diseases
It is best to use a 5-rod wind chime at home to remove long-standing diseases in the house or to prevent new diseases.

9 rod wind chime in bedroom
It is considered best to apply 9 rod wind chime near their bedroom window to increase love and familiarity among the house dwellers or the couple.

How many rods to choose for fighting?
Wind chime with 2 or 3 rods is considered best for establishing peace in home or shop and avoiding any kind of tribulation.

Special way to hang wind chime
If you have three doors in the same line in your home or office, then you should hang a 5-rod wind chime in the middle. It protects against diseases or any kind of calamity.

Wind chime size and location
If you have taken wind chime to hang indoors, then make sure that it is not too big, while small wind chime is not right for hanging outside the house or in a very large room.
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