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Monthly Horoscope - Sagittarius

Your Monthly Horoscope :

Sagittarius February 2020 Horoscope

February will be the month in which you'll prove a few things to everyone. First of all, you will show your professional position. You will prove that nothing is able to dissuade you from the previously established plan. You do not throw words into the wind and you do not make promises without coverage. Feelings are still important as Pluto is in your sign for ages to come. This month there is intensity though with Jupiter squaring Venus and Uranus. You may find yourself chasing pleasure. Jupiter’s position excites you a little too much. Be careful of over validating emotional goals, you are a little too idealistic right now.

 Making improvements in your personal environment can be costly, but if you’ve done your research, those costs can be worthwhile. Impulsive spending or investing from February 1 to 7 is not advisable, though, since it’s easy to blow your budget. 

 Love in General:

It is within your home that you will feel a well-being at the beginning of the month. Then you will feel a revival of fiery energy in beautiful aspect of your sun participating in an increased desire to live those feelings with enthusiasm and joy! Not to mention that Mars in your sign will accentuate the effects. In mid-month, your energy will turn to your assets. The pecuniary questions will take up a lot of space, which suggests that your relationship should go through a quiet phase as Mercury and Venus, in the sector of your home, announce a lot of exchanges and well-being. If you do not waste your beautiful energy, you could live in conjugal harmony. From the 8th Venus will activate the sector of your life related to love! Your taste for freedom could be alleviated during a spontaneous encounter! Certainly, you will have concerns of another order but you will remain open if the person is as cheerful as you!

Advice for Sagittarius Horoscope:

Less aflame with passion than usual this month, you will lay down actions that will serve your life in the long run. Be posed, weigh your thoughts, your actions and take care of yourself, your epicure is legendary! This month your enthusiasm is running in overdrive. Slow down. Be mindful that samsara creates illusions. Be mindful of your personal illusions.

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