The Chinese have always emphasized on education. To them, education is crucial as it represents an opportunity of escape. The bedroom or study area is an important aspect of their development as well as the surroundings you give them.

Feng Shui has been used for thousands of years for a child education, and if you follow the tips below you will notice an improvement in study and concentration.

Position of desk

Make sure your child is not sitting with their back against the door, if this is the only way of arranging their room place a mirror so they can see the door behind them.

Position of study chair

Make sure that nothing sharp or piercing is directed towards the chair, as this will create more bad energy. Even a poster with arrows or airplanes with weapons pointing towards room causes bad energy.

Study table surroundings

Have your child sit with his or her head facing the best study direction and with solid support behind or a painting of a mountain scene to give support. Place a Crystal sphere in the main window to slow down or activate chi.

Try not to have your child sit straight in front of a window. Your child will lack in concentration.

Observe your child study area and desk. Are there any, exposed overhead beams or edges, or sharp edges of furniture, pillar or protruding corner nearby? Be observant of these factors as it brings bad energy. Keep the desk area clear of clutter and place a Buddha on the desk or a crystal ball.

Child Bedroom

This is a hard one, try and keep rooms tidy and clutter free  you will be amazed how they help you once you get them into a routine. Again this is where Feng Shui works when you get a balance in your life, it also affects the people around you. You will find your family relationships will become stronger.

Feng Shui items you can use for children:

Lead Crystal Sphere

Activates Chi in your room or office, creating good for the occupants and increases the balance of chi, if placed in S.W corner can enhance relationships. Placing in a child room has the same effect.

Crystal ball

A solid crystal ball can be used in the southwest corner or in a living room to enhance relationship, or place one in the main window to slow down or activate chi in a child room.

Laughing Buddha 

The Laughing Buddha is a symbol of wealth and happiness; just looking at his jolly face will cheer you up. If you stroke his belly daily he will bring you good luck! Place him anywhere in the house or place of work. Good for child bedroom.


It is an energetic stone. Hematite would be efficient in all blood troubles. It would also help to find a deep sleep. Hematite wards off bad moods and depressed feelings. Beneficial to the circulatory system - increases resistance to stress - stimulates spleen - restores vitality - calms excessive energy. Wear with Black Onyx to get rid of the junk in your life! Great for children in early to late teens.



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