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Sleeping positions and directions

Vasthu Sastra highlights sleep as a very important facet of excellent health. so as to relish sound sleep, one should have a sleeping room with a peaceful atmosphere.
Sleeping within the wrong direction can even cause health issues. Vasthu Sastra recommends that the pinnacle should be placed towards the east for undisturbed sleep. The contender sleeping direction is with the pinnacle towards the west, the third alternative is south.
People who observe these directions can receive positive energy after they come to life. These positions will enhance the person's blood circulation.
The head ought to ne'er be towards north whereas sleeping. ne'er know the pinnacle towards the north as a result of the flux of the planet lies during a north-south direction energy levels are often thrown out of balance by this robust field. Sleeping during this direction could cause difficulties in having youngsters, nightmare and disturbed sleep.
Our head is taken into account north and if we tend to place our head towards north, the magnetic repulsion between similar poles happens.
This position can even end in the somebody experiencing physically low or high pressure level, sleep disorder or a high level of cholesterin. this will be prevented by rotating the pinnacle position to south. Vasthu Sastra recommends the proper location or quadrant a handful ought to sleep in.
The south-west sector is that the most powerful quadrant in Vasthu Sastra as a result of it's the realm wherever positive energy is hold on. (For this reason, the acute south-west corner should not have windows or doors; per se openings can unleash the energy that has gathered within the house).
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