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Dhanteras 2019 Date

Dhanteras 2019 Date
This year's Dhanteras 2019 Date

Saturday, 26 Oct - 2019

Dhanteras~धनतेरस in year 2019 will be celebrated on Thursday,  24th October 2019 .

Dhanteras (धनतेरस), otherwise called Dhanatrayodashi, is a favorable day commended only two prior days the Diwali. Like Diwali is known as Celebration of lights, Dhanteras (धनतेरस) is known as Celebration of Wealth. It is accepted that on this day Goddess Lakshmi drops the hammer on earth and stays here for next five days. Dhanteras (धनतेरस) is fundamentally celebrated in India, be that as it may, Hindus outside India excessively watch this celebration with equivalent fun and energy.

Dhanteras (धनतेरस) is a celebration celebrated by Hindus everywhere throughout the world. On this day individuals venerate Goddess Lakshmi and beg of great wellbeing and flourishing. Dhanteras (धनतेरस) is generally seen in the month of October or November. Be that as it may, Dhanteras (धनतेरस) in 2019 will be seen on Thursday, 26th October. Dhanteras (धनतेरस) additionally denote the start of Diwali celebrations and festivals. 

Dhantrayodashi is considered to be auspicious in Hindu mythology as it is believed that n this day Goddess Lakshmi along with Lord Kuber, the God of wealth, emerged out of the ocean while churning of the milky sea. From then onwards people started offering prayers to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber to seek divine blessings for leading a successful life. On the day of Dhanteras, buying precious metals like gold or silver is also considered auspicious as a sign of welcoming Goddess Lakshmi in their home. The day of Dhanteras is also favourable for starting a new business venture or even buying house, car and jewelryThe most well-known custom took after by individuals during the current day is buying valuable metals as well as steel/ copper/ metal utensils.

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