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Discover your dream


Our thoughts generate our actions and our actions eventually become the reality that we live out.

A dream doesn't have to mean some far off and impossible to achieve ideal. Rather a dream is like a seed, which if watered and fed with your thoughts and actions can grow into something more wondrous and beautiful than anything you can begin to imagine. There is such a truly amazing power in dreaming.

Are you still not sure what is your own special dream?

Here is a wonderful exercise which will inspire you to discover your own true destiny.

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for at least ten minutes. This exercise can take much much longer, but you need to devote at least ten minutes to this.

Just imagine you have a magic bottle and when you rub it out will pop this amazing genie who will ask you what is your wish. You can have as many wishes as you like. No limitations on money, no limitations on distance, educational background or time. You can have anything at all. Let your mind roam free. Use your imagination. Start to dream.

The most important part of this exercise is to not dream too small. Having an easily achievable dream is not much fun at all. What is the point in having a dream that you will pay the rent on time next week ? Where's the fun in that ? How about a dream that you own a really beautiful house on the water in some special place ? That's a lot more fun. Isn't it ?.

One of the greatest tragedies of humankind is not that people's dreams are too big that they cannot achieve them, but that they are too small to inspire them. So dream BIG. Get yourself inspired.

Write it all down. Have fun, just pretend that this magic genie is going to grant you anything you ask. Want to be a famous singer or writer? Write it down. Want to travel to far off places? Write it down. Want a meaningful and loving relationship with someone really special? Write it down...... You have to give the genie some instructions to work with!

Now, ten minutes isn't really much time to spend doing this, so take the next week to really think about what fun experiences you would like to have during this precious life of yours. Remember, it can be anything at all. No limitations. Carry a notebook with you, and when at some odd moment a thought pops into your head that you would really like to do something, take out you notebook and write it down. The most important step in bringing your dreams into reality is to first really think about them, and then write them down. Make your life sketch and you can fill in the details later. The important thing is to have fun while you are doing it.

Eventually, a pattern is likely to emerge which will indicate to you what is your true desire and dream for life. Even if it doesn't emerge, the mere fact that you are "thinking" about your true dream and passion will work to draw this dream to reveal itself to you.


We all have a true goal and purpose in life. Something which goes beyond a mere occupation and enters the realm of the divine. Not everyone wants to be an artist or musician, not everyone wants to be an astronaut or a world famous athlete. Your profession doesn't really matter so long as you are pursuing it with love and inspiration. When you are truly living your dream, every day is a new adventure. You will awake full of energy and filled with excitement because whatever happens, it is part of your dream.

So over this coming week, have fun doing this exercise because in order to take this wonderful journey on the path of life, it helps to know where you want to be going.

May your life be filled with love, happiness and inspiration!

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