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» Doubts Cripple Us 

Doubts Cripple Us

Doubts Cripple UsInformation related to Doubts Cripple Us.

It is easy to see how positive beliefs work for us: when we believe we can achieve a goal, we work diligently and do what it takes until it sees the light of day — like Ford did.

There are those who look for reasons why things wont go their way. And there are others who are only concerned about how theyll make it work, and they do. This is because self-doubt and self-belief are products of the same mind.


Shakespeare uses the word traitors to describe our doubts. He knew that despite being created by our own mind, our doubts cripple us, immobilise us and prevent us from reaching our potential. And just as a positive belief works in our favour, doubt — a negative belief — works against us. When you dont have faith in your abilities, you have little motivation to accomplish your goals. Consequently, you end up putting little, if any, effort towards making them a reality — and your goals never materialise. 

Ford and Shakespeare lived a few hundred years apart. Yet, both have the same powerful lesson for us: whether positive or negative, our beliefs about ourselves shape our destiny.


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