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How to Relax Your Mind


Are you stressed or unhappy? Do you need to calm down? Training your mind to relax can help you feel rested and prepared at any time.


Certain foods can help you relax.

  • Chocolate. Chocolate has been scientifically proven to release certain enzymes in your body that make you feel pleased and happy. Also, the caffeine will boost your energy.
  • Water. Dehydration can make you feel stressed and on-edge. The human body needs a lot of water every day to stay functioning. One way to remember to drink is carrying a water bottle with you.
  • Herbal Tea. Herbal tea can taste bland, and it takes time to get used to, but drinking it can be relaxing. The warmth of the liquid will make you feel at ease, and it can be soothing if you feel like you are catching a cold or if you have allergies.

Use lavender or another soothing scent. Make a lavender sachet and rest it on your head, or apply lavender oil to your temples. Lie down and relax. Breathe the soothing scent of lavender until you feel calmed. Then keep your body at rest for a few minutes before slowly standing up and going about your day.


Meditate. Find a quiet place and focus on calming your mind. There are several different forms of meditation, such as mantras, labyrinths, Sahaja Yoga and Buddhist meditation, among others. Remember that meditation requires practice - the more you practice, the better you'll get.


Draw. Art is both inspiring and soothing. Drawing can train your brain to stay focused. You don't have to be talented, just do your best to draw anything - maybe something that makes you smile, like a person, a landscape or an animal.


Exercise moderately. Do yoga. Stretch your muscles. Walk. Any kind of exercise will improve your circulation and cause your body to release endorphins, helping you feel happy and energized.


Visit a natural area. Go to a nature center or park to clear your thoughts. The fresh air will renew your mind, relax your body and do well for your mental health. Try doing this as often as you can.


Listen to binaural beats. They will allow you to enter a state of deep relaxation. You should be in a calm place with no distractions and use stereo headphones. The most relaxing binaural beats are Alpha beats.


Listen to relaxing music. Your choice depends upon your preference, whether it is jazz, ballads, folk or pop. Just be sure to do this when you do not have to concentrate on something else, because music can also be very distracting.


Spend time alone. Being with other people might stress you out. Spend your time reading, taking a nap, watching TV or doing any other hobby you enjoy. You could also try something new. Learning something you haven't thought about before can make you happy, satisfied and ready to rule the world. Also, if your pets come near you, slowly pet them. It should relax you.


Spend time with friends. If you feel down, a friend might cheer you up. Confide in someone you know you can trust, and a person you know will be able to make you laugh. Do something together, such as going out to eat or dance.



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" जीवन में उतारने वाली जानकारी देने के लिए धन्यवाद । कई लोग तो इस संबंध में कुछ जानते ही नहीं है । ऐसे लोगों के लिए यह अत्यन्त शिक्षा प्रद जानकारी है ।"
Posted By:  संतोष ठाकुर
"om namh shivay..."
Posted By:  krishna
"guruji mein shri balaji ki pooja karta hun krishna muje pyare lagte lekin fir mein kahi se ya mandir mein jata hun to lagta hai har bhagwan ko importance do aur ap muje mandir aur gar ki poja bidi bataye aur nakartmak vichar god ke parti na aaye"
Posted By:  vikaskrishnadas
"वास्तु टिप्स बताएँ ? "
""jai maa laxmiji""
Posted By:  Tribhuwan Agrasen
"यह बात बिल्कुल सत्य है कि जब तक हम अपने मन को निर्मल एवँ पबित्र नही करते तब तक कोई भी उपदेश ब्यर्थ है"
Posted By:  ओम प्रकाश तिवारी
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