Padmini Ekadashi

Padmini Ekadashi
This year's Padmini Ekadashi

Saturday, 29 Jul - 2023

Padmini Ekadashi in the Year 2023 will be Celebrated Saturday, 29th July, 2023
Padmini - Visuddha Ekadashi :

Padmini Ekadashi is observed on during the waxing phase of the moon (Shukla Paksha) only in the Adhika Masa or extra month added to the Hindu Lunar Calendar also known as Kamala Ekadashi.

Rituals conducted on Padmini Ekadashi day will wash away the sins and seek a place in the abode of Lord Vishnu, known as Vaikunta. While the rules for observing the Padmini Ekadashi are same as any other Ekadashi.

The story behind Padmini Ekadashi Vrat observance is associated with Padmini, wife of King Kartavirya. Legends go around King Kartavirya who was the ruler of the kingdom of Tretayuga. The king had been married to a thousand queens only on the pretext of having a son that could rule his dynasty. Hence in order to get a son, the king had performed several austerities for over ten thousand years but to no avail. Thus, he set out to the forests.

Knowingly, Padmini (one of the thousand queens of Kartavirya) followed him and met Anasuya (Maha Pathivrata) on the way. On enquiring about any vrat that could help in conceiving a baby, Anasuya asked her to observe two Ekadashis that fall in the Adhika Masa. As directed, both Kartavirya and Padmini observed the said fasts. 
Soon after, Lord Vishnu appeared before the couple and further informed that they would soon be granted their wishes as they had observed vrats in the month that is considered highly auspicious. In due course of time, the couple was blessed with a healthy son, named Kartaviryarjuna, who was not only powerful but also defeated and imprisoned Ravana. The Padmini Ekadashi vrat is observed by following the same routine as that of Ekadashi. Devotees have to restrict themselves from consuming food items, such as rice, urad dal, chickpeas, spinach, honey, and so on.

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Memories of moments celebrated together
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