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Ganesha in Vastu

Ganesha could be a image of prosperity and profound information and is believed to be destroyer of all obstacles that are available in our approach in our undertakings.Ganesha ought to be put in on the highest of the doorway of the house to deflect all negative energies and to get rid of the Vastu defects of wrong position of the doorway. However, after you install a Ganesh idol on the doorway higher than the door frame, you need to make sure that they're put in in try and back to back on either side. it's believed that Ganesh is often in the course of his 2 wives Riddhi (Prosperity) and Siddhi (Knowledge) and impoverishment resides behind his back. If you simply install one Ganesh Idol facing outside at the doorway its back can have your abode and you are doing not wish impoverishment within the house. therefore it's suggested to put in Hindu deity, back to back at the doorway.
Similarly, after you install associate degree idol or painting within the house, place it next to associate degree external wall and not next to a wall that separates 2 rooms of the house. Ganesh will face the North direction as he's happy if he's facing North that is that the abode of his father 
– Lord Shiva.
Most importantly you ought to beware that Ganesh isn't made from broken items of wood, leaves, either in idol or during a painting. the primary figure with this post shows Ganesh made from disjoint leaves, that shouldn't be used. The second figure shows Lord Ganesh made from leaves however joined with each other. Avoid abstract paintings of Ganesh. Like all abstract paintings, they're not suggested as per Vastu.
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