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Causes and Symptoms of Chicken Pox


A highly contagious disease, chicken pox is a viral infection that is usually prevalent in small children, aged 3 to 4. Although the instances are few and far between, chicken pox can affect adults as well and in this case, it is much more severe than that in kids. Chicken pox can spread by direct contact or breathing in the air that has germs from an affected person's cough or sneeze. The most usual symptoms of chicken pox include low grade fever, mild headache, rash, loss of appetite and a feeling of weakness. It might be amusing, but the symptoms of chicken pos are not visible until it reaches the infectious stage. Vaccinations have reduced the instance of chicken pox, but the disease has not vanished altogether. Chicken pox is usually caused due to the virus called varicella-zoster. It might not be possible to completely cure chicken pox, as it would go on its own. However, the irritation and itching involved with it can be minimized, using some home remedies.

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