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Home Remedy For Menopausal Disorder

  • Beet juice is very beneficial for the women going through menopause. Extract the juice of beetroot and have it in small quantities, usually 60 to 90 ml, at a time. Drink this juice three times in a day.
  • Soak one tsp carrot seeds in a glass of cow's milk for about ten minutes. Strain the milk and throw away the seeds. Consume this milk once in a day.
  • Liquorice is an effective home remedy to alleviate menopausal problems. Consume a tsp of powdered liquorice on a daily basis.
  • Indian spikenard is valuable in treating menopausal tension. It is advisable to have it a dose of 2 grams per day.
  • Increase the consumption of vitamin D. Some of the foods rich in vitamin D are beef, bread, cheese, eggs, milk and breakfast cereal.
  • The diet for a female suffering from menopausal disorder must include fruits, nuts, vegetables, sprouted seeds, alfalfa, soybeans, cabbage and olive oil. All of them provide relief from menopausal problems.
  • Exercising regularly reduces the symptoms of menopausal disorder, solving the problem to quite an extent.
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