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Vastu Tips for happy married life

Vastu Tips for happy married life
The growth of married life or wedding is directly joined with the chamber additionally the} complete home also.
The bedrooms with correct Vastu and correct placement of furnishings beside color of walls as per Vastu brings happiness in Married life and relationships, Harmony, prosperity and mental peace to a person’s life.
Dimensions of Bedroom: - usually sq. and rectangular bedrooms square measure excellent for peace, prosperity and harmony. Irregular shapes ought to be fully avoided. just in case of Irregular form bedrooms, Vastu corrections is done.
Master Bedroom: - the placement of master suite ought to be within the Southwest direction as per Vastu. The northwest direction is the second choice for the bedrooms. the top of the family ought to use the master suite. the incorrect location of chamber brings disputes in married life, monetary crunch / losses and disturbed home peace, as per Vastu.
Position of Beds: - The beds ought to be placed in such the simplest way, that foot of the beds ought to be towards North. Beds ought to be of excellent quality wood, and metal ought to be avoided. Beds mustn't return directly ahead of the door. you ought to keep a distance of two to three inches from the wall, so they ought to not bit the walls conjointly. As per Vastu, the incorrect placement of beds brings conflicts in married life and distinction of opinion between husband and better half.
Placement of Beds: -
·         Avoid putting beds in corners or underneath the beam.
·         The house underneath the bed ought to be clean and litter free.
·         If mistreatment the Box beds, then don't keep utensils or alternative metal things within the cupboard space, this can cause mental tension and stress.
Sleeping Direction: - One ought to eff the top facing towards 'South' in one’s own house. Sleeping with head facing towards South will increase wealth and prosperity. Sleeping with head facing towards East will increase mental peace and feeling for spiritualism. The person ought to ne'er eff his head facing towards North. As per Vastu, the incorrect sleeping direction offers disturbed sleep and loss of energy and stamina. It conjointly makes the person, irritable and short tempered.
Colour Scheme: - lightweight colors square measure most well-liked within the bedrooms. the color of chamber ought to be lightweight Pink, green, yellow or off white. Avoid dark colors within the bedrooms. colors have an effect on our mind and changes the mood.
Mirrors in Bedroom: - don't use mirrors in chamber. If it can not be avoided, keep it in such a footing that ought to not replicate your shadow whereas sleeping. Keep a curtain on mirror to avoid reflection. To avoid mirrors in bedrooms suggests that to avoid uncalled-for conflicts and misunderstanding between the couple.
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