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Vastu for Hotels

Vastu for hotels helps a great deal in ensuring that the hotel will witness a booming business, with the arrival of more and more number of guests. There are a plenty of things that are taken into consideration, while suggesting the right Vasthu remedies for hotels like the selection of site, location of the kitchen, placement of different electronic equipments, placement of reception counter, location of different rooms and many more.

Here are some Vastu tips for hotels:

* Ground floor would be apt for the reception and restaurant purpose.

* There must be adequate provision for light, ventilation and a large open space for the kitchen, so ground floor can be used. For placing grinders, ovens etc, southeast corner would be appropriate.

* First floor can be used for constructing conference hall.

* For balcony purpose, choose eastern or northern portions.

* If you wish to construct a storeroom, then opt for southern, western or southwestern zone.

* For installation of AC, southeast location would be apt.

* For electric generator and transformer installation, southeast direction is absolutely fine.

* Washbasin placement should never be in the center of the hall. It can be done in the north, east or northeast directions.

* If you want to construct water bodies to attract tourists, then the right place for their construction is in the direction of north, east or northeast. Also these directions are appropriate for the main entrance.

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