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Mangalvar Vrat Poojan Vidhi

The fast of Tuesday is observed to increase honor, strength, courage and efforts. On keeping this fast, person's happiness and wealth increases. This Vrat can also give place to a person in Government office. Tuesday fast is done for getting honour and child. Hearing the story of Tuesday fast fulfill favorable desires. Observing this fast removes all the sins.

Who should Observe Tuesday Fast

As per the astrology, Tuesday fast must be observed by those people who have Mars in the sin house or Mars is not able to give favorable effects on being weak. This fast is performed for the peace of Mars planet. People who have violent and fiery attitude should observe the Tuesday fast to cool down their anger. Boys can keep this fast for growing there intelligence and strength. This Vrat helps in making the business successful.
Significance of Tuesday Fasting

Every fast has different importance and results. Through fast, a person pleases his adored God and Goddess. In return he gets peace and happiness. This fast is observed for getting wealth, husband and relief from incurable disease. This fast helps to get liberation from the world of illusions.

A person should observe this fast, if Mars located in his birth Lagan has a weak positioning. Also people whose Kundali has Mahadasha of Mars, Pratayantar Dasha, or unwanted accidents in the transit period, should observe this fast for the auspicious effects of Mars. Hence, the fast of Tuesday is very favorable. Worshipping Lord Hanuman gives freedom from all kinds of sins like vocal or mental etc. And, the person achieve happiness, wealth and profit.

Method of Tuesday Fast

On the day of Tuesday fast, you should have pure thoughts. This fast is done for getting freedom from obstacles like ghost and sprites. On the day of fast, Vrat katha is must to be heard. This day, salt should not be used.

The fast of Tuesday is observed for Lord Mars and pleasing God Hanuman. This fast is kept continuously for 21 Tuesdays. This fast gets best results of the Mars planet. A person observing this fast should mentally prepare himself a day before only. He should wake up before sunrise, on the day of fast. In the early morning, he should complete his routine work and bathing etc. Then, sprinkle Ganga jal or holy water in the house to make it pure. On the day of fast, person should wear red color clothes.

In a peaceful corner of Ishan Kon (North-East direction) in the house, place an idol or picture of God Hanuman. At the place of Puja, a lamp of four wicks is lighted. And the resolution of the fast is taken. then, Lord Hanuman is worshipped with Lal Gandh, flower and Akshat, in a systematic manner.

While worshiping Lord Hanuman, taking the 21 names of God Mars is considered auspicious. The names are as follows:-

1. Mangal .2 Bhumipatr .3 Rinharta .4 Dhanprda .5 Sithrasan .6 Mahakaay .7 Sarvkamarthsadhak .8 Lohit .9 Lohitaj .10 Samgaankripakar .11 Dhratmaj .12 Kuj .13 Bhom .14 Bhumija .15 Bhuminanndan .16 Angarak .17 Yam .18 Sarvrogharak .19 Vrishatikrta .20 Paaphrta .21 Sab Kaam Fal Dat


Ardhaya of Lord Hanuman is done with the following mantra:

भूमिपुत्रो महातेजा: कुमारो रक्तवस्त्रक:।

गृहाणाघर्यं मया दत्तमृणशांतिं प्रयच्छ हे।

After this, Katha is read, Aarti is performed and Prasaad is distributed. After the Prasaad distribution, it’s eaten by the person observing fast.

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