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Home Remedy For Scurvy

  • Extract the juice of a lemon and mix it with one tsp honey. Now, put this mixture in a glass of warm water. Have this decoction two times a day.
  • Indian gooseberry is beneficial in treating scurvy. The fruit of this plant should be eaten regularly. Have four fruits per day, at different periods.
  • Another way to treat scurvy would be to mix powdered Indian gooseberry and sugar in equal amounts. Have 1 tsp of this powder, with a glass of milk, every night, before sleeping.
  • Include foods rich in Vitamin C, such as oranges, sweet lemons, watermelons, grapefruits, cantaloupes, green leafy vegetables and tomatoes, in your diet.
  • In 500 ml of water, boil some leaves of jaundice berry. Keep on boiling until the decoction gets reduced to one-third. Consume this in a dose of 2 to 4 ml, everyday.
  • Powdered raw mango, also known as aamchur, is beneficial in treating scurvy. In a glass of water, add ½ tsp of this powder.
  • For infants, the best deal would be to give them cow's milk, along with breast milk.
  • Potatoes are also beneficial in treating scurvy. Every 100 grams of potato contains approximately 17 mg of Vitamin C. Consuming potatoes will help you cure the ailment.
  • Fresh air and sunshine have proven to be beneficial in curing Vitamin C deficiency. Go out and enjoy mingling with nature.
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