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Kitchen Items for Lal Kitab remedies

This is no surprise, infact the Indian kitchen is a virtual  storehouse of  astrological remedies.

Following are some commonly used totke that are available in our kitchens, things you see and  ignore in daily basis can now help you strengthen your weak planetary positions. 



  • Donate wheat every Sunday to a poor man/temple.
  • Donate wheat sack to temple.
  • Feed wheat flour to red ants every day.
  • Feed Jaggery to the monkey
  • Cast jaggery in running water for 40 to 43 days.
  • Donate things related to Sun such as wheat,  jaggery and brass on Sundays.
  • Do not extinguish stove fire or  the lamp light with water, instead use  the cream of milk. This will increase marital happiness.


  • Donate Milk ,silver to propitiate Moon.
  • Strike Silver nails in the feet of the bed.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Drink water in a silver glass.
  • Drink milk or increase the intake of calcium to please the moon.
  • Donate sugar, rice to the needy preferably, on Mondays.



  • Donate chana dal to temple/poor man on Thursdays.
  • Take a pinch of haldi and mix in a glass of milk and drink it daily.
  • Make yellow turmeric rice and donate to poor people.
  • Make  Kabuli chana(chick peas) garland and offer to Lord Dakshinamurthy on Thursday.
  • Planting of yellow-flower plants.
  • Feed an Ox with Gud (Raw Sugar) and gram pulse on Thursdays.



  • Eat misri(candy sugar)/Khadi shakkar everyday.
  • Donate curd or yoghurt on Friday.
  • Donate silk clothes and silken articles.
  • Doante barfi, white sweets to children.
  • Serve one-eyed people, pledge to donate eyes
  • Offering white sweets to the birds.
  • Having one Jalebi daily in the morning, is a very good astrological  remedy to strengthen the planet Venus.
  • Donate Ghees, rice, cinnamon, misri, white flowers, sandalwood and Kapur/camphor.
  • Eat Makhanas(Gorgon nut or Fox nut) in any form. You will achieve bliss and be able to enjoy life better.



  • Distributing Sugar Powder (Khand), butter oil, grams to needy persons and fodders to animals will appease Mercury.
  • Eat one aamla daily.
  • Donation of Alloy utensils.
  • Bury honey in a mud pot in a lonely place.
  • Clean your teeth with fitkari (alum)



  • Wash 400g of raw rice grains in milk and cast it into running water for at-least seven Tuesdays.
  • Keep a glass filled with water beside your pillow in the night and in the morning cast it in a clean and nice place. or into a potted plant.
  • Make sweet chapatis in tandoor and feed them to dog for 43 days.
  • To strengthen Mars (only, if it is good for you), then eat Masoor Daal, otherwise, donate it on Tuesdays.
  • Throw Masoor or honey or sindoor in running water.
  • Donate hot tea to beggars on Tuesday
  • Make lemon rice and donate to the poor.



  • Distributing Til and mustard oil on any Saturday.
  • Distributing loafs of bread with mustard oil on it to dogs & crows.
  • Make black til rice and distribute to poor
  • Make curd rice and distribute to the poor
  • Take a wooden flute, fill it with castor sugar and bury in deserted place on a Saturday evening before sunset. Do not look back after doing it
  • Take an iron kadhai(frying pan), put mustard oil in it, look into the oil and see your reflection and donate both  the pot and the oil to a dakot at the shani temple.



  • Give red Masoor(red pulse/lentil) to the sweeper or help him in other ways.
  • Donate barley or wheat equal in weight of the person and drop in the running water.
  • Keep Gangajal.



  • Put radish by the bed-side of your wife at night and offer it at the temple in the morning.
  • Take kesar-mixed milk.
  • Flow milk, rice, desi khaand and aniseed in the river.
  • Flow yellow lemon in the water.
  • Flow Jaggery in the water.
  • Dip thumb in the milk and suck it
  • Distribute all seven cereals to needy and poor on any Saturday
  Vijaya Dashami, 8 October 2023, Sunday
  Durga Ashtami, 22 October 2023, Sunday
  Papankusha Ekadashi, 24 October 2023, Tuesday
  Dhanteras, 25 October 2023, Wednesday
  Sharad Purnima, 28 October 2023, Saturday
  Karwa Chauth 2023, 1 November 2023, Wednesday
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