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What is Vaastushastra

Vaastushastra is an ancient science, based on astrology and Hindu philosophy. The sages with hard work and dedication composed the science of Vaastushastra for the welfare of mankind. They have written their observations of the laws of nature and their effects on human life and his dwellings. Aim of Vaastu shastra is providing the guidelines for proper construction. It is a study of planetary influences on buildings and the people.


 The meaning of Vastu is 'It is' or 'It Exists'. The science related to 'Vastu' is Vaastushastra. 'Vastu' word is concerned with 'Earth', 'House', 'Vehicle' and 'Furniture'. The planning of entire Country and Cities within it comes under Vaastushastra. The development of small houses, arrangement of furniture in houses and making of vehicles are done by Vaastushastra. Usually Vaastushastra is related with house development and planning.Vaastu is the study of the environment and ambience of the building and land development.

Vaastu is important while making a house according to ancient sciences, because it contributes to health, happiness and wealth. Vaastushastra says that one can reason ones gain or losses, on whether the building is made according to the principles of Vaastu or otherwise.  Those who disobeys the principles of Vaastushastra while construction, will have to face many obstacles in their life.Constructions of building, commercial place, factory, town planning, religious place  through Vedic System (Engineering  Jyotish) is known  as  Vaastushastra.

The whole universe is made up of the basic Five elements i.e. water , space, fire, earth, air. These elements are affecting the objects knowingly or unknowingly. The effect of these elements are observed on the Earth to a larger degree than the other planets. The nature on Earth is made up of these five elements.If these forces are kept in their correct places, things will be in natural balance. However, if water is put in place of fire and wind in place of water or in any other combination, the forces will start acting accordingly and create disharmony and discord.

Before construction of any establishment, sixty percent (60%) of earth , fifteen  percent  (15%) of space(sky)  and rest twenty five percent (25%) of water, fire and air  are to be considered. Earth  is divided into two parts upper the earth  and under the earth. Generally the vastu based establishments are being constructed  by leaving  under the earth and upper the earth  which is a major portion of  Vaastushastra. In Vaastushastra construction of any establishments  is observed in seven phases which are as follows : 

1.Personality or nature of job  of the  inhabitant.

2.Upper  the earth. 

3.Under the earth.

4.Construction of establishment on Vedic system.

5.Placement of materials into the establishment.

6. Influence of sky.

7.Garden ( if any). 

According to Vaastushastra, everything on earth is influenced by the astrological bodies, thus every home is also under the influence of the governing planets. 

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