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Charity And Fasting

Daan (Donation or Charity)
In vedic astrology there is reference of  Daan  to get rid from the malefic effect of non favourable planets.  It has been mentioned that affected person should make donation of those things only which are represented by trouble giving planet.  The idea behind the concept of Daan lies in sacrifying of the things represented  by trouble giving malefic planet so that malefic effect of planet can drive away.  What things should be given in Daan is assessed on the basis of planetary condition in the horoscope. Native should refrain from making donation of that things which which are represented by benefic planets.  So before doing Daan, necessarily native should contact a competent astrologer get checked his horoscope. 
Days for Fasts (Upavas) 
Sun – Sunday
Moon – Monday
Mars – Tuesday
Mercury – Wednesday
Jupiter – Thursday
Venus – Friday
Saturn – Saturday
Rahu – Saturday
Ketu – Tuesday
  July 2021 Festivals, 31 July 2021, Saturday
  Second Shravan Somvar Vrat 2021, 2 August 2021, Monday
  Kamika Ekadashi, 4 August 2021, Wednesday
  Kanwar Yatra 2021, 6 August 2021, Friday
  Sawan Shivaratri, 6 August 2021, Friday
  Hariyali Amavasya, 8 August 2021, Sunday
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