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Home Remedy For Pyorrhea

  • After brushing, take some mustard oil and add a pinch of salt to it. Rub this mixture on the gums, with the tip of your forefinger. An alternative would be to soak cotton ball in mustard oil and rub it on the gums.
  • " In a bowl of water, immerse some parwal leaves, ginger, black pepper, peepal root and rock salt. Boil the water until the decoction is ready. Now, strain it with a cloth and allow it to cool. Use this decoction for gargling.
  • " Boil 4 to 5 bark pieces in a vessel of water, for about half an hour. After the decoction cools down a bit, strain it and use it for gargling. This would be effective in treating pyorrhea.
  • " Blend 200 ml castor oil and 5 grams camphor in 100 ml honey. Dip one of the ends of a neem twig in it and rub it lightly on your teeth.
  • " Raw lemon juice is effective in treating pyorrhea. All you need to do is rub the juice over the gums. It would give a tingling sensation, but stop the bleeding.
  • " Another beneficial remedy will be to gargle with a mouthful of sesame oil. Do this for 10 minutes.
  • " Take some pieces of the trunk of babul tree and burn them. When they get completely burned, blow off the flame and store it in a cool, dry place. Every morning, take a piece of the burned trunk and dab it with salt. Now, rub the dabbed portion on the teeth. Another alternative would be to dip it in mustard oil before dabbing with salt and applying.
  • " In a spoonful of pure ghee, mix some camphor and form a paste. Apply this paste over the gums, two times a day.
  • " Crush some pepper to form a fine powder. Add some salt to it. Now, massage the mixture onto the gums, several times a day. This is an effective way to cure pyorrhea.
  • " Another effective remedy would be to have guava. Cut a guava into 4 pieces and sprinkle some salt over them. Now, bite each of the pieces and eat them. It might sound foolish but this would smear vitamin C on the teeth, thereby treating pyorrhea.
  • " Prepare spinach juice and carrot juice and mix the two in equal proportions. Drink this mixture once in a day.
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